Tuesday, March 1, 2011


heyya folks!!

it's march
my best month of the year
*eventhough my exams this time is in march =(*

why march??
there's my birthday in it
the 16th to be exact

as i think i am a MATERIALISTIC girl
this will be my impossible wishlist of the year

*this wishlist is sorted from the most impossible to the least impossible*

1. locomotion

abah....dira nk kereta bole
*haha..sure impossible punya*
ini sekadar mimpi di siang hari

tp just in case abah tnya,

i'm in love with this guy

volkswagen golf

*drooling like mad*

but honestly,
driving a vw at 21 is a dream

so next choice would be this girl

ford fiesta

*still drooling like mad*

2. technology

saya pun macam dato' siti jgk
teringin nk merasa dapat bnde ni

macbook pro by apple

difference is

dia siti nurhaliza
saya siti nadhira

so obviously saya kn terus menyayangi missV saya =D

3. bags

vintage drawstring by fossil

oh..this is my favourite part
saya suka beg
tp saya xmampu nk memenuhi impian saya
jd si comel ini cuma mampu masuk wishlist saya sahaja

4. rubi

rubi by cotton on

this is more of a personal target
saya sudah punya warna pink, merah, kuning, putih & light blue
so saya mahu tambah koleksi saya lagi

begitula wishlist saya tahun ini

tp disebabkan kesedaran diri yg mendalam
saya tahu wishlist tersebut impossible
*except no4*

oleh itu
what's more important this year would be :

happiness and blessing to everyone around me no matter where you guys are
*family, friends and even foes*

a year full of love and laughters and tears and everything that make it wonderful

peace and unity in the whole world particularly in malaysia
*please people, just stop fighting already!!*

passing my exams this end of march and proceed to 4th year with every single person in the batch

to you *you know who you are dear*, hopefully this will be another year we'll get through loving one another as always =)

i know these *refer above* sound like a new year wish
afterall, 16th of march is a beginning of a new year for me

p/s : if in case any of you are interested in getting me any of the items in the wishlist, please do so =P


Hasan Suyat said...

Ford fiesta actually takde lahhh best sangat! Aku dah penah drive dah kat sini. Better mintak VW ;) Hehehe

sizuka[Izzati] said...

nadhira, kasut rubi super banyak dekat sini.hakhak~

Qi Wen 绮文 said...

Hope ALL your wishes come true and may all of us pass the exam and get into 4th year together! =D

Anonymous said...

mintak myvi je sudehh hehe

nadhira khairudin said...

hasan : haha..mmg vw yg diidamkan..

zati : sila bwk blik berdozen2 of different colours utk saya..foc as bday present =D

qiwen : thanks dear =D

kakak : ala..itupun susah..sbb tu saya ckp wishlist saya impossible =D