Thursday, August 4, 2011



seperti biasa bila puasa kat rumah
saya la yg jadi tukang decide ape nk masak tiap2 hari
*besides gulai abah yang wajib ada tu kan*

so today decide nk buat potato salad
xpenah buat pun before this
so cuba jaya jela
hehe..xdela susah pun actually :)

cuma perlu ini


dan ini

maka terbentukla ini

mungkin agak kurang sopan kalau memuji makanan sendiri
tp sedap sungguh
xexpect sedap mcm ni
woot woot
*oke..agak over di situ*

itu jela sbnrnye


Tuesday, August 2, 2011


this post was actually inspired by this and this
but this one will be much much longer since triad means THREE in ONE
so bear with me :)

first and foremost, triad consists of 3 different postings *refer post title*
the duration was 3 weeks for the first 2 and 2 weeks for the latter
basically it covers problems of the eyes, the nose, the ears, the throat and last but not least how to put patient to sleep
all three postings has more or less the same requirements
so this post will elaborate on each requirement particular to that posting

the requirements are as follow :
- briefing
- log book
- case write up
- clinics
- operation theatre
- pbl
- mini clinical examination
- ppd component

so lets go one by one

1. otorhinolaryngology 
or ENT in short

i did this one in england
so i'm not really sure how this posting was carried out in UKMMC
i'll try nevertheless
and those who did triad with me, correct me if i'm wrong

i guess briefing is done in the department. so sorry since i didnt do my ent posting here :(

as usual, this need to be filled within 3 weeks in order to pass the continuous assessment

case write up
there is one case write up to be written and sent to respective supervisors by the end of the posting
*i didnt send mine, but we have case presentation there in england  in which the content was more or less the same* 

i dont know how ent clinics were carried out
but i supposed everyone need to attend their supervisors' clinic, clerk cases, present and all
*i went to clinic every single day when i was in england and we attend them individually*

operation theatre
since ent is a surgical specialty, attending operation theatre is a must i would say
you got to see operations as simple as grommet insertion up to as complex as mastoidectomy or parotidectomy
*i went to theatre every single day in england and i observed 6 tonsillectomy per day :)*

if i'm not mistaken, there were 2 pbls for ent.
i didnt have any pbl there in england, so i'm afraid i cant really elaborate on this

mini clinical examination
this one i did in clinic when i was in england
there isnt much, just simple nose examination, throat examination, otoscopy and stuffs

ppd component
i didnt do any assignment for ent when i was in england
so i guess it will be better to find my friend who did this
if i'm not mistaken, the topic was about laryngectomy

2. ophthalmology

the briefing was carried out in bilik nor marahakim in the department of ophthalmology
basically you will be told on what to do, what to complete and the visit :)

this one as usual
i know all of you know what to do with it :)
anyway, in ophthal, there will be 20 funduscopy to be performed, presented and drawn in the logbook together with the ophthalmology colour coding
so make sure you have a box of colour pencils in ophthal :)

case write up
there is one case write up to written, presented, corrected and sent to the department within the 3 weeks
basically you will have session of presentation of your cases with your supervisors and correction will be done
the send in the correct version of the case write up by the end of the posting :)

ophthal clinics session were tremendously havoc
you'll be lucky to have your supervisor in the clinic since most of them will want their students to be with them
so normally, one specialist will have 3 days of clinic
*mine : tuesday, thursday & friday*
so we will normally attend clinics according to our supervisor's schedule
however, it is NOT wrong to attend clinic everyday if you want to :)

operation theatre 
the theatre was forbidden to medical students
haha :)

we have one pbl for ophthal consisting of 2 sessions
refer to the pbls we have had in preclinical years and it didnt really differ from that
just prepare prior to the session :)

mini clinical examination
basically, for mini cex, each student will have to perform a funduscopy examination either in the clinic or ward
then proceed with presentation and some q&a
for this purposes, read in detail about diabetic retinopathy, armd, hypertensive retinopathy and glaucoma

ppd component
in ophthal, we have a speacial visit to the school for the visually impaired
and reflective writing was to be written based on that experience
but it depends on your supervisor
some supervisors want you to write reflective writing on a blind patient you've clerk instead of the visit

3. anaesthesiology & intensive care

the briefing was carried out in bilik siswazah lanjutan in the department of anaesthesiology which is located in the bridge connecting the cinical and academic building

in anaes, logbook is important since everything need to be signed in it including lectures and tutorials
besides, there are a few procedures that need to be performed such as iv cannulation and intubation
there are also a few procedures that required us to observed namely the epidural and spinal and what not

case write up
in my experience, anaes case write up was the simplest one
we have to write one case write up focusing solely on the anaesthetic component of the patient
the pre-operative assessment, premed, intra-operative monitoring, and post-op management which stopped after the patient was sent back to the ward

no anaesthesiology clinics :)

operation theatre
in anaes, theatre is most of the time the only place to be
it is not the surgery that is important, but the preparation of medications, the patient, putting the patient under and waking up the patient after the surgery are important
it involves multiple procedures depending on the type of anaesthesia given to the patient
it would be better to read and get used to the drugs available and their uses

besides the theatre, we also need to attend the icu
basically for the rounds :)

there's no pbl for anaes :)

mini clinical examination
basic life support
there's no mini cex for anaes
however, there's one special component of this posting that need to be passed in order to pass the posting
it is the basic life support course
it consists of the cpr and heimlich manouver and infant cpr
there will be theory test and practical test
certs will be given once passed :)

ppd component
for ppd component, one reflective writing was to be written based on the visit to the icu :)

that basically concludes triad
the things mentioned above were just guidelines which may change in time or based on your supervisors
all in all, triad was fun :)

p/s : there will be seminars and lectures for each postings which will be compulsary for all