Tuesday, August 25, 2009

pure & honest

it was totally

p.u.r.e & .h.o.n.e.s.t

children never lie
and we should make them our example
put aside differences
stay as one


[always a MALAYSIAN]

Monday, August 24, 2009


td bkk youtube dgn harapan nk ulang tgk nur kasih utk kesekian kalinya
tp video2 yg diupdate oleh org itu sumenye tlah didelete
atas arahan tv3
nape mcm tu??
mne lg nk tgk nur kasih pasni
kne la tgk kt portal tv3 yg lmbt tu

Sunday, August 23, 2009

t.h.r.e.e stories

this post will be a lengthy one
just bear with me okay!!~~

story 1 : the jibbitz

last thursday
i was kinda sad when i knew that my sis's crocs doesnt fit her
*even i with smaller feet doesnt seem to fit that pair*
she had been waiting for it quiet some time
she actually wanted to wear it to school
since its white and innocent looking i would say

i planned with my sis here in kl that we go look for her shoes
*and bought it as a present for her*
then we set our first plan
on friday after the assessment,
i went to Bukit Bintang to the small and adorable crocs kiosk in front of the Lot 10
*thanks zue for going out with me =D*
there are very limited choices there
there's not even malindi available
what more alice
*i was expected this one!!*

that night,
we set our second plan
so at 1030 saturday morning
we went to Ikano Power Centre in Damansara
*i was hoping that there will be some choices as the store was the biggest one in malaysia if i am not mistaken*
only olivia and some odd colours of malindi are available
but we are still determine to get something for najwa
eventually, these are what i got her
*actually the Hogwarts' badge is mine...i only gave her the face thingy and autobot symbol*
thank God she likes them

as one last effort,
my sis and i went to Midvalley
hoping to find a pair of decent and adorable crocs for her
but still,
i only manage to bring home jibbitz for my little sister
*well, there is something rather than none at all*

story 2 : cupcake chic

i was [since friday] thinking of bringing something sweet home
so i tell my sister that
she said, maybe we could buy cupcakes at wondermilk since we are going to Damansara
however it rained cats & dogs yesterday
making it somewhat impossible to go to wondermilk given the shop's geographical value
when we went out of Ikano Power Centre to went to my sis's car parked at The Curve
my sister just blurted out,
"kat dpn tu ade cupcakechic..lbih kurg cm wondermilk gak..cume xla secomel cupcake wondermilk..nk g tgk??"
i just agree with her and went to the shop
it was a small cozy shop
and the cupcakes were bigger and does look delicious
*i wonder what does not seem to be delicious here in Ramadhan*
then i said to my sister,
"xpela kot kak..maybe next time..rse mcm menggemukkan je kalo beli..nnti kt umah mesti byk mknn ag"

later after HE class
we were paying last visit to Pavilion before going home
*i was looking something for my other sister, yumni at the Mercato*
but since, the item were not found, i actually gave up
*it is my nature to find something that i want to until i really found it..but not this time..i've looked for it at The Cold Storege at Times Square, Ikano Power Centre, The Gardens and KLCC*

when i was about to went up the escalator
something caught my eyes
i just went to the kiosk and in 3 minutes, i went out with a box of six cupcakes

everybody loves cupcakes

story 3 : futoi vs yuki

since a moth and three weeks ago
my futoi and yuki are living in separate cages
i dont know why
*but it brought me to tears*
they dont get along so well since then
futoi seems to be so mad seeing yuki around
and started to attack his friend
not just small attacks
but big ones
until yuki will scream in her hamster-like screech
all of us cannot stand looking at her being bullied
and eventually separate them both

i was very sad
as far as i remembered,
they mix very well
occasional fighting are normal
but not to this extent

instead of only one cage
two are now needed for my adorable creatures

those are the t.h.r.e.e stories
nothing more

till then

p/s : currently listening to Richard Clayderman's romantic piano...
oohh..i just love them!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

selamat datang R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N al-mubarak

1 Ramadhan

hari ni da masuk bulan yg byk keberkatan
bulan yg kita semua tunggu
bulan puasa

rse beruntung dpt jumpa Ramadhan lagi
tahun ni aku akn lebih menghargai Ramadhan berbanding tahun2 sblmnye

kpd semua
selamat berpuasa
semoga Ramadhan kali ni mmbawa lebih byk pengertian kpd kalian

till then

mlm ni turun tarawih ngan kawan2
tp esk buka puasa ngan family
xsabar nk balik

Thursday, August 20, 2009

first venipuncture

i kinda proud of myself a bit today


*i know everybody had done this but still it is amazing for me*

today some of us are having procedure class in ukmmc
i was at first reluctant to go since tomorrow we are going to have assessment
i still go
and i didnt regret my decision

i never thought of having myself poking others using syringe and needle at the age of 19
but today
i actually did that
*thanks to miss connie for giving me the chance to withdraw your blood*
and i am also quite pleased with myself
because i full-heartedly sacrifice the veins in both of my arms to be punctured
*both miss intan & miss connie did great jobs because they hardly gave any bruise*

i am happy with today's session

till then

p/s: this post might sound a bit lame to some people...sorry if you felt that way!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the tale of A DAY


August 18th, 2009
Bangi Campus, National University of Malaysia
1000 - 1600

i was one of the peaple chosen to become runner of faculty's clinical booth
particularly for Pesta Konvokesyen Universiti Kebangsaan
this was my second experience
first was during my first year

today was tiring
*mmg pnat sgt..but still kne thn and finish MES plus study for continuous assessment this friday*
itu sume xmenghalang for me to post something

okay..here goes...


aku ngan nabilah duty utk edar flyers
obviously, pg2 mcm tu, mmg blum ramai org sgt kt pesta tu..
so we both do the best that we can do.. =D
mcm2 org kitorg jmpe..
yg kelakar, yg merepek..
smpi ade yg sanggup menipu sbb xnk dgr kitorg promote clinical booth kitorg
*dahla kantoi plak tu..sabor jela!!*
mmg btul2 menguji sejauh mne kitorg pay attention in PPD btul..
bkn senang nk mintak org dgr ape yg kte nk ckp..
lagi2 nk promote bnde..


aku duty kt station blood test
kne buat based on package yg org tu beli
but basically
what we have to do are blood typing, glucose level in blood and cholesterol level in blood for some cases
mmg menggeletar la at first ble nk prick jari org laen..
tp knela yakin and confident dgn ape yg kte buat
but then,
sorry sgt2 dgn adik Luqman
*die org pertama yg aku prick tgnnye*
akak terpaksa prick jari awk dua kali..
darah awk susah sgt nk kuar smpi glucometer tu merajuk
*sebenarnye die teroff sndiri sbb lme sgt..hahaha*
maybe sbb awk org first, so akak mmg nervous sgt
sorry ye!! =D
the rest of the session went on uneventful


this was the last session
and aku kne duty on BMI and fat distribution
since rmi juniors yg ske buat bnde ni
so aku cm relax sket la..
lgpun susah jgk nk ukur ketinggian org ble aku pun rendah mcm ni..
nothing much on this


those are some of the pictures taken
more are uploaded in facebook
that's all

till then

cant wait!!~~~

next month
brand new season of


will be released

September 21st
to be more precise

cant wait to see the sarcastic yet brilliant doctor on the show!!

here's a sneak peak

hope u enjoy that one
*i do*

till then

p/s: esk kne g bangi for gerai klinikal..tp still xtido ag sbb study for assessment friday ni..jgnla bgn lmbt plak esk...!!~~

Friday, August 14, 2009

the story of l.i.p.a.s

ini adalah kejadian semalam
tp bru hari ni dpt kekuatan nk tulis

pagi2 lg da ade bad thing happen to me
luckily bnde tu xmemburukkan keseluruhan hari
actually tgh breakfast time tu kt cafe fakulti
dgn sgt unexpectednye

ada seekor COCKROACH dlm makanan aku
*adult stage yg cukup sifat*




tp mmg tindakan refleks aku sgt cekapla time tu
on the spot aku bgn and trus g buang makanan tu
mmg aku xsebut sepatah pun ngan kwn2 aku time tu

ble blik tmpat duduk
sume org da stop mkn n pndg aku
lalu keluarla patah2 perkataan yg same dri mulut org yg berbeza

"kau jumpe ape dlm mi kau nad??"

aku dgn baek atinye ckp,
"korg mknla smpi abis dlu..nnti aku cite"

tp jijah mmg cekap mengagak,
"ade lipas ek??"

aku angguk je..
pastu sume org stop mkn except zue..
die selambe je smbung mkn
*god bless you, zuraidah*

sepanjang harila cerita lipas aku tersebar
rse nk saman je mak cik cafe tu
tp xsaman pun

itula die
hari yg dimulakan oleh seekor lipas

till then

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a cake to share

this is among the content of BBA's "urgent" meeting this evening

"Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To Fatih, Phoy Cheng and Zati
Happy Birthday To You"

assalamualaikum & good day to all
today we celebrated 3 of BBA's committees' birthday
*it is not that all of them were born on the same day
..but they all came to this beautiful world in the month of August*

the lucky winner for today is.....

~Mr Mohamad Al-Fatih Pahrol

~Miss Rachel Chun Phoy Cheng
*August 8th*

~Miss Nurul Izzati Hashim
st 23rd*



the bond between us all will remain forever
and to you three
may happiness and success accompany you all year long

till then

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


it felt weird these days

somehow or rather
i kinda lost everything that used be around me
i wonder why
and i ask myself

did i do anything wrong that broke us apart??
did i hurt you in any way??
are we only meant to be great friends up until now??
why is all this happening around us all??

but i cant seem to find the answer
it hurts
but should i tell you how i felt??

dear God,
your strength keeps me strong
your love leads me the way
to only you i beg
and keep hanging on

bon voyage~~

so sorry kalau title post ni cm inappropriate
*tatau da nk ltk ape actually*

this post sbnrnye utk schoolmates yg bakal fly xlme ag...

1. Miss Atikah Dawam

kte xla rapat sgt tyme awl2..cme ble da half year form 5 bru close...i find u to be a very good friend and tutor..thanks a lot for all your help...take care kt tmpt org..practise personal hygiene to avoid H1N1...*joking around*...sorry xdpt join picnic@klcc aritu...if berkesempatan, i'll go and send u kt klia on the 14th nnti..if not,aku doakn dr jauh je..papehal pun, have a great life kt sne..best of luck and take care!!

2. Mr. Amirul Afiq Sufi Mohd Yusof

mmm....lots to say..but eventually cant type anything...kte mmg close *very close i would say* since form 3..we are in the same debate team which nourishes our relationship even more..i find myself to be very comfortable around you..you, me & fitri shares lots of things during high school...i missed that moment so much..i always think of u as a very dear friend which i havent find any replacement yet..and now u are going to the states..do take care of urslef and best of luck..sme cm tkuk, if i am free to go and send u, i will...but no promises...

whatever it is,
my prayers are with both of u

till then

Monday, August 10, 2009

the pursuit of happYness

first and foremost
deepest gratitude to the lecturers from personal & professional development module
for choosing this AMAZING story for us to watched

dont know bout others
but it taught me ALOT!!
*even though didnt manage to watched it till the very end due to time constraint*

since, i wont be able to attend SGD 5 next week as i had to attend Gerai Klinikal Pesta Konvo
i think it should be fair enough to share my thoughts here =D

The Pursuit of HappYness

as a whole
this movie is an inspiring one
filled with thoughts to ponder
and experiences to be made example

"It was right then that I started thinking about Thomas Jefferson on the Declaration of Independence and the part about our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happYness. And I remember thinking how did he know to put the pursuit part in there? That maybe happYness is something that we can only pursue and maybe we can actually never have it? No matter what. How did he know that?"

Will Smith as Chris Gardner

i spent some time lingering on this sentence that i quoted from the movie
especially the bolded text

is it true??
or is it just the way a person felt when
happYness isnt around??

as a person
i think that everything that we said or do or even thought
depends on ourselves
some may think that
happYness is something that cant even be touched by human
but others might think differently, thus strive to create a path towards it and eventually reached there

but before pursuing the
do we ask ourselves, what really does make us happy?


happYness is a very subjective matter
different individuals may define it differently
but what does bring us true and eternal
happYness whereby it can act as a barrier for us in facing hardships??
does that kind
happYness truly exist??

human learns from mistakes and experiences and pain
so did Mr Chris Gardner
we sometimes may feel that life isnt fair and seems to pushed us down
what we fail to realized is that those painful occurrences in life are what that makes us proceed in life
it is not wrong to cry or break down
but ask ourselves, till when??
are we going to stay beneath others forever??

or not??

till then

p/s: i purposely left all
happYness mispelled...just for fun!!~~

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


at last
i finally found the solution to my problem


this problem i'd faced since the first day this 3rd semester began
i found it hard for me to focus on my studies
you know
staying alone in the room
with lappy turned on
it was very hard for me

but now
i can say that my problem is solved


thanks to

Miss Siti Adibah Zakaria

we decided to start studying together as how we had done during last semester
we take turn on which room we will study
*tonight i go to her room, tomorrow night she'll come to mine and so on so forth*
since last semester,
i found it very comfortable to study with her
*just like when i did this method with Geni..but she's not staying here anymore..sob3X*
so..there aren't any problem
and i hope this will last till forever
and benefit us both =D

till then

p/s :

i am thinking of getting a mat or carpet for my room so that it will make the environment of studying better for both of us...
*no more cold floor*
Dba is thinking of the same thing too...

Saturday, August 1, 2009


hari ni speechless lagi

SEBAB : tgk jadual baru

this will be the first time since enrolled dlm UKM that classes will be from 7am till 7 pm
fully packed
*seriously...not joking around*

to make it even worse
midsem holidays are being shortened
*there's only like 3 days left when the holiday initially consists of 7 days*

mad am i??


i must never be mad
i must adapt with things like this
later when become a clinician
life will always be like this

even da tgk jadual yg packed gle tu pun
still xsbr rse nk g kuliah
what can i say
sye ske blaja
seronok =D

till then