Thursday, March 10, 2011

aedes & unanimousity

these days
ya Allah
banyaknya nyamuk
i was bitten every single day
when i had my lunch
when i was watching glee
when i did my notes
when i read my books
when i had my dinner
when i wrote my post
*even now*
when i was about to go to bed
when i was sleeping
*night or doesnt matter*
every single time

i know i may end up with dengue now or later
in condition like this
the virus might had entered me already
circulating in my veins and arteries
with all my antibodies fighting them
*thanks antibodies..i owe you so much!!*

and just now fogging was held in my college
fogging at 10?!

i remembered when i was doing my tg karang posting a few months back
*public health posting*
we were taught that fogging are to be done not in broad daylight
but at dusk when all the mosquitoes came out for a stroll + meal
and i recalled myself and my friends waiting one whole day just in order to join the fogging team going for fogging

and why on earth is the fogging here in the middle of a hospital
was carried out so early in the morning,
when aedes aegypti came out at dusk??
*aedes aegypti is the species name for the mosquito carrying dengue virus*
think people, think!!

i may end up with dengue soon
and the authorities doesnt even act right to prevent it

maybe i am not that important

p/s : i remember a doctor-medical student conversation yesterday morning

doctor : why do you want to become doctors in the first place
*trust me, this is the hardest question i've encountered in med school*
medstudents : we want to help people
doctor : then why become doctors? teachers help people too right?
medstudents : yes!
doctor : what about lawyers. do they help people too?
medstudents : yes!
doctor : you can also become politicians. they help people too.
medstudents : NO! (unanimously)

the answer was so unanimous that the doctor laugh
*this has nothing to do with the post above..just sharing a simple but meaningful conversation*


sizuka[Izzati] said...

sabor aje lah dokter dhira.semoga dijauhkan dari nnnnnnyyyyyyyyamuk~!

Hasan Suyat said...

Kat UK nih,gula tumpah byk2 atas lantai punn, biarkan seminggu punn semut tak datang2. Apetah lagi nyamukk.

Skang musim denggi ke nad?

nadhira khairudin said...

zati : adoyaii..xtahan da tdo ngan nyamuk :(

hasan : itu UK..kurang mesra alam..semut pun xsudi nk dtg...hahaha kalau ade fogging tu mknenya adelah kes denggi di kawasan sekitar..agaknye la..

adibahzakaria said...

hahaha..sabo ya nad..wait for me!!!
sila kemas katil n bilik sy..sila siapkan mknn sedap2 sempena kepulangan sy!!!! hihihi

nadhira khairudin said...

diba : kemas bilik dan katil??oh no no no!!hahahahaha.kte ngan faiz tngu kt bwh je nnti kalau rajin =P