Friday, July 31, 2009


i started to watch it from episode 3
*the first 2 were watched later via youtube*

i couldn't find suitable words to describe this drama
it is complete
with every elements required to fulfill life


~love & friendship
~mistakes & regret

the ators & actresses are awesome
each character is being brought up sincerely and with very deep feeling
i can't expect anything better than this

this is the
best malay drama ever!!!!!


till then

p/s : in love with adam =D

Monday, July 27, 2009


kne kuarantin 1 mggu kt kolej
*effective today till august 2nd*

no students going out
no visitors coming in

it was unexpected
pg td ble class cancel ingatkn sume org kne balik and kosongkn kolej
pagar kunci terus

sume buah yg g petik kt umah wan ari sabtu aritu tggl dlm kete kakak
maggi yg bwk dr rumah pun dlm keta die
and sebenarnye kakak siap ajak aku g shopping lg ptg ni
*abah da bg fund nk bli mini bar*
skali sume tggl mimpi indah je
aku xley kuar
kakak pun xley masuk
sedey lagi
sedey lagi dan lagi

but everything that happens
happens for a reason

so mesti ade hikmah sume ni

maybe TUHAN provide 1 week ni utk aku study
cover blik mne yg xtercover sblum start cvs
mmg byk sbb aku cm sibuk agt the first month kt sini
kalo x, aku jgk yg pressure ble study week btul2 nnti

maybe TUHAN nk elak daripada adik2 aku saket kalo aku blik
dahla due2 nk exam
kite tatau, ntah2 virus tu dormant kt kte
tp akn infect org laen

maybe bukan rezeki aku la kot nk mkn buah2an yg aku kait kt umah wan aritu
*mmg sedey gle sal yg ni*
xpela...musim buah dtg tiap2 tahun...
insyaAllah adela rezeki tahun dpn
*sedey jgk....xbley thn*

TUHAN xkn buat sesuatu yg mensia2kn kte..
mesti ade kebaikannye sume ni
sabar la ek...
bkn lme sgt pun...

1 mggu je

till then

Sunday, July 26, 2009

i just got back from home


rminye kwn2 aku yg saket
simptom2 die more or less the same with what i'd had last week

if i tried to recall

it all begins with


then it became worse
in which i started to have


i was thinking of dengue at that particular moment
the symptoms were kind of fit with what patient with dengue presented
*seriously, i was actually waiting in fear if there will be any rash or gum bleeding*

it was not dengue

but the pain and tiredness we felt everytime we got sick are the things that burden us the most
the fever i had last week was tormentful
it was intermittent
in which it only came in the late evening and last till late at night
the headache was unbearable
i remembered the night when i had to go to bed at 9
it was wednesday night
and it was totally bad
perhaps the worst

i currently felt fine
and i hope the acute attack wont come again
*they said it was acute viral attack..but i dont really sure*

to all friends of mine who are sick

*i dont know why, but they all seem to be sick later than me...*
*am i the one who transmitted virus to them??~~~*

take good care of yourselves
get well soon

till then

Saturday, July 25, 2009

we are NEVER left behind

this excerpt was taken from nur kasih
it touches me really deep inside

the man : Assalamualaikum
adam : Waalaikumussalam
the man : Can I help you?
adam : Yes
them man : What can I do for you?
adam : My son is dead
the man : Innalillahhiwainnailaihirajiun
adam : I don't know what to do
the man : Well you came to the right place
adam : But...
I have left Islam for a very long time
the man : Ahh...but Islam will never leave you. Come with me my son

the text in bold was truly meaningful. it reminds us that no matter how far we had been away from God's path, he will never ever put us aside.


Monday, July 20, 2009

so long~~~

i've decided
during weekdays, this laptop will b in my sister's possession
i will only have my hands on it during weekends

this is for my own good

till then

Saturday, July 18, 2009

it's MAGIC

at last
i watched it last nyte

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

although lewat dri org len
plus i heard lots of comments saying the story is boring
so kinda nervous jgk at first

i found the storyline not exactly as in the book
*for sure...impossible la kn klau total exact!!*
but it was as i had expected it to be
much better perhaps

the best scene was the scene when harry accompanied dumbledore to get the horcrux
it was AWESOME!!
and exactly as how jk rowling had written the scene in the book
*book 6, chapter 26 ~ the cave*
i was impressed
together with the way of David Yates directing the movie
it made this one different from the first five

the music arrangement

the storyline

and even all the angles taken

credits should also be given to tom felton
for an amazing act
he cried for god sake!!
he made draco someone real~~

in a nutshell
i gave this movie a full 5 stars!!
*of course i will =D*

for those who thinks it is a boring one
perhaps it is because you dont really go along with the storyline
just a suggestion here
go and read all the seven books
cause u cant understand the story by just watching the movie~~

till then


really cant wait for

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
part 1
November 19th, 2010
part 2
July 15th, 2011

it will be very sad since it is the last movie

Thursday, July 16, 2009

my R.E.D shoes

in the midst of sadness and pain just now
the presence of my red shoes is neglected

i finally received


i totally LOVE it

it is a

it seems GIRLISH

it is RED


it is

thanks to
for ordering it for me

and thanks to
sarinah and zue
for taking it from the office for me
*extra muahmuahmuah*

now that i can go watch
half-blood prince in my new red crocs
life could never have been better

till then

heart.broken NO MORE

based on the title
everybody can guess what is it all about

though later than everyone
better late than never

plan goes as it is!!

till then


first and foremost
sorry zerp if u read this first before i have to gut to tell you bout it

no word can describe what i am feeling right now
i am breaking my heart
and to make it worse
i am breaking the heart of a very dear friend

i dont know who i should blame
no one deserve to do that
none is to be blamed

it may be my fault
but i dont know
i just dont know

we've planned this for about a year and a half ago
when rumours tell us it was going to be released last year
but i am scared to tell u now
and to ruin all this plan
should we just let this go
and wait for deathly hallows
for what...about ages to come???
i'm sorry

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

N.I.N.E friends + O.N.E

ni adela entry khas buat kwn2 yg da setahun knal
*sejak masuk fakulti perubatan universiti kebangsaan malaysia nih*

mcm2 perangai ade...
but we do complete each other..

td dlm lecture med&soc
dgn restu geni & sarinah
aku pun memulakan karya seni yg xseberapa...
but it means a lot to me!!

Adeeba Abd Rahman

deeba ni sorg yg xdpt nk dinafikn kecantikan die
sgt cantik
ske tgk muke deeba
tp die xsombong dgn kelebihan die tu
that makes her even more beautiful

Ainaa Athirah Ahmad Khusairi

satu perkataan je bley describe cik ainaa ni
sgt manja
nk g toilet pun berteman
lucky duk K5 toilet dlm bilik
kalo x sianla kt geni

Siti Lenggogeni Zainal

so far
i would say geni la yg plg sye rapat dgn
she's far more matured drpd kitorg sume
and she has her own principle which she will stand to no matter what

Azizah Mohamad Noor

setahun duk sebilik dgn die
jijah mmg xpnah lokek lgsg
duit, nota, masa...
dia mmg sgt baek and xprnah marah sye
syg jijah!!~~

Siti Zuraidah Arshad

zue ni wpun kecik
tp in my opinion
die yg plg berhati besar dlm kalangan kitorg
whoever yg ade mslh
mesti cari zue
she's a very good listener
and die xkedekut dgn pandangan die

Noraini Rambat

aini was my very first pbl mate
die diam je
tp diam2 ubi berisi
aini jenis yg xbyk ckp sgt
tp xbermakne die xde idea~~

Sarinah Tamring

sarinah sgt sistematik
semua tentang sarinah mmg tersusun
u name it!!
ble knal ngan sarinah
evrything yg die nk buat
mesti ade reason yg logik
kdg2 susah nk ajak sarinah buat keje gle yg xlogik tp menyeronokkan

Humaira Jasme

die memang lantang suarakan pendapat die
as long as bnde tu btul
die xkn teragak2 nk suarakn
itu kelebihan mai yang susah nk cari kt org laen

Siti Nadhira Ahmad Khairudin

susah ble nk ckp tentang diri sndiri ni
tp satu bnde yg i realised sejak dlu lg
sye mmg sgt kuat bercakap
sepatah org tanye, 1 perenggan jwpn yg diberikan
sorry sape2 yg irritated
u all know me better

yg terakhir ni adelah request khas org tu =D

extra O.N.E
Norfaidhi Akram Mat Nor

this one bru je buat td
helpful adalah perkataan yang plg sesuai utk describe faidhi
xpnah skalipun i heard faidhi decline ble kte mintk tlg
kalo da xdpt sgt pun
mesti die akn cdgkn option yg laen
that's faidhi yg sye knal

this entry is dedicated to you all
hope u like it

till then

at last~~

after 3[three] trip to GSC Pavilion


i cant even believe myself looking at those tickets
what more thinking that i'll be seeing what i've seen and waiting for since i was 11[eleven]


for me
this one comes from the greatest book of harry potter's series
*obviously all of the seven books are the greatest*
but this one is the greatest among those greatest books

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

if all these times it was Voldemort who was hunting Harry down
but in this one,
it will be like the other way round
and i think that's why i like this one the most
*obviously i like all the books the most*

whatever it is
i totally cant wait for the movie


i cant wait!!!

till then

to make it A LOT more greater, i am going to watch this movie :

with my best friend of all time, miss ZARIFAH and we are
a total Harry Potter freak!!

*u should read this one darl!!*
with my friend from school, miss ZALIKHA
with my great friends here, miss GENI, miss DEEBA, miss ZUE,
miss AZIZAH, miss SARINAH, and miss AINI

Saturday, July 11, 2009


today is the second saturday here
and to make it even better
i spent the day with my closest friends here
*eventhough xcukup sume org*

*sarinah & geni ade acute stomachache so xpat pg*
*jijah pulak aku lmbt inform bad..sorry jijah =(*

we went out this tyme on short notice
bru smlm planning...
so sume pun mcm terpinga2 je
a day out with friends mmg fun!!

kitorg kuar niatnye nk kinda celebrate friends yg telah lahir secare pukal pde bulan 7 ni...

ainaa~~3rd july
aini~~5th july
zue~~10th july

jijah pun lahir in july gak..
tp blum ag..
so still xbley celebrate!! =D
*nnti kte g celebrate bday jijah pulak ek!!*

kitorg g mkn kt kenny rogers roasters
*da lme gle2 xg mkn kt situ!!*
and then g pusing2 smpi tingkat 5
konon2 shoppingla...
tp xbeli papepun~~~

yg agak merosakkan my mood today
was the kakak dkt one of the shops yg kitorg masuk..
kedai kasut
*xpyhla didedahkn nme kedai kasut itu*
logikla kn..
org g kedai
mestila nk try the item
but that doesn't mean we will buy them
yg kakak tu pgi marah2,sindir2 kitorg kt situ
aku pun tatau nape...
geram jgk..
tp blum ckup assertive nk g tegur kakak tu (=_=)
sabar jela...

that was my day today

till then

Friday, July 10, 2009

she is t.w.e.n.t.y

to a close friend of mine

Siti Zuraidah Arshad

~~sweet hatachi~~

first and foremost
sorry sbb buat entry ni lmbt
supposedly nk buat mlm td
tp sibuk buat practical med&society

jgn sdey ble da xde ag angka 1 kt umur kau
*aku ade ag...jgn jeles!!~~*
kau tetap kecik and comel

sediakan payung sblum hujan

thanks for being such a nice friend and listener
thanks for being there whenever i needed
and hopefully
your life will be filled with happiness and success
now & hereafter

hope kau ske tgk video ni

happy birthday zue!!

till then

Thursday, July 9, 2009


this entry is dedicated to one of those in my bloggies list

miss najwa fadhlina fadhlullah
*hope i spelled them correctly*

since i stayed up kinda late tonight
i guess it would be fine to drop by and post this for u =D

happy 20th birthday
may happiness lingers around you all year
and the year after
and the year after
and the year after
and the year after

i searched something pink for u on the web
and i found this
hope u like it

it's pink!!~~ =D


till then

Sunday, July 5, 2009


i officially had my very first experience driving in Kuala Lumpur..
it felt good
but of course cuak la kan..

~~thanks to kakak who allowed me to drive her myvi around~~

actually nk bwk dr pusat darah negara tu smpi kolej je..
tbe2 my sis tu nk g withdraw duit plak kt cimb petronas
so pgla with the impression bley pusing blik nnti..

to make it eventful,
xbley u-turn plak..
so terpakse la kuar ikut jln tun razak tu..
scared at first..
rse mcm nk turun n suro kakak drive..
but then, i fkir, ble lg nk dpt peluang ni...
so, beranikn diri tekan minyak and kuarla ke jln yg sungguh sibuk itu...

when the car went on smoothly,
hilangla rse cuak tu..
then xla g jauh sgt..
just pusing kat traffic light keramat tu and drive back to college...

it might seem lame to those yg da biase drive kt kl ni..
but who cares rite..
it was my first experience
and i am proud of it!!!

abis cite sal driving


abah, ibu & adik dtg td..
tujuannye nk bwk hamster2 yg aku miss gle2 dtg lawat aku...

my futoi & yuki mmg totally da put on weight..

kinda sad at first..
sbb diorg cm da xknal aku sgt ag..
but after a short while,
aku da bley pgg diorg..


abah da blikn diorg cage bru...
besar..double storey lg...
seronok tgk diorg turun naik tgge..
*thanks abah jge pet dira~~*

i also tried putting yuki inside the ball yg aku beli kt mid last week..
seronok tgk die buat bola tu pusing2...
rumah yg aku bru beli tu pun da psg kt cage die..
that house aku psg kt tingkat ats sbb kt tingat bwh da ade rumah..
so yuki ngan futoi da xpyh rebut2 rumah ag ok..sbb da ade sorg satu!!~~


till then

p/s : ni video yuki maen bola...


today is a special day for one of my friends

Miss Noraini Rambat

Happy Birthday Aini
May Allah Bless You All Year Long
May Our Friendship Remains Forever

first time met aini was time kt Ulu Kernas
sbb we both are in the same group..
rpe2nye aini jgk stays kt aras yg sme dgn aku..
terpisah ngan bilik geni je..
satu sem been in the same pbl
mcm2 aini da tlg aku..

thanks aini
happy birthday!!~~ =D

till then

Friday, July 3, 2009

dedicated to a very dear friend~

first and foremost..
entry ni sepatutnye dibuat mlm td..
tp mmg mlm td terlalu penat..
mmm, xpela ek
jam masih belum menunjukkan tgh mlm..
so entry ini masih valid

to my dear friend,

Ainaa Athirah Ahmad Khusairi

happy 20th birthday

thanks for being such a nice friend to me..
even kdg2 aku agak kejam terhadap ko..
sorry ye na...

being older means be more matured k!!
and one more very important thingy...


that's all i guess
happy birthday once again!!

till then

p/s:seperti yg tertulis dlm msg aku smlm, kalau duit jpa aku ade lbey, aku blikn ko present ye...
tp kalo xbeli pun xpe kot...ko da ade mr. tuktuk =D

what a week~~

this week was a busy one for me...
bru tonight dpt concentrate dpn pc to post this one
trust me, it is going to be a long one..

mcm2 things yg jd..
but yet, everything passed very nicely and i felt fun despite all the tiredness..

number one


kt college,
nothing so special..
tp life turns out to be a bit quiet and lonely..
tggl sorg2 ade pro and kontra..
but so far okla...
as long as jijah tlg ketukkn pintu every morning..
*thanks jijah!! =D*

drpd kitorg 10 org yg close last year
tggl 4 org je yg stay kt dlm..
2 are at K5 and the other 3 stay at plaza RAH..
of course la sunyi...
kitorg yg berempat ni pun ditakdirkn dpt room yg jauh from one another...
da xbley g jln2 bilik org mcm dlu2..
da xde ainaa nk dtg cari mknn ke, ckp ngan felix ke, even tumpang solat kt bilik ag..
*god!!!i miss those things =(*

but still,
friendship are still friendship rite...
even da xstay at one place,
we still have our breakfast together..
aku,sarinah,jijah&geni still sit together dlm lecture hall
so as ainaa,deeba,mai&zue..
i used to think..
we will miss and care for things that are used to be in front of us but no more...
i believe it myself...

evening td mmg best
kitorg g mkn kt

Restaurant Chop & Steak
Restoran Kapal

it was my first time mkn kt sne..
cantik tmpt tu..
ade due biji kapal dlm restaurant tu yg dijadikn dapur..
*aku rsela sbb nmpk mcm ade dpaur je dlm kapal2 tu...*
kitorg g bertujuh
*mai,geni ngan aini xpat dtg..*
tp before tu kitorg sume g amik ainaa ngan dila kt K5
so lepakla bilik geni dlu..
kacau2 geni mmg hobi kitorg dri dlu2 lg..
*sorry geni!!~~*

di bilik geni

da puas kacau geni,
barula kitorg g mkn...
jln rentas plazaRAH nk g restaran tu...
deeba seperti biase..
lead the way..

smpi situ..
kitorg pun orderla masing2 pnye food...

macaroni = deeba
*sorry deeba...xsempat amik gmbr food ko...*

chicken maryland = zue

black pepper steak = nad

chicken chop = ainaa,jijah,sarinah
*ni pun xsempat nk amik gmbr...sory~~*

french fries = dila

on the way blik pun smpat lg kitorg amik gmbr...

the conclusion..

today was a good day
being with good friends made it even better

number two


as usual,
medical school have alot of extraordinary things to be learned...
i have had 9 lectures
*6 of biomedical strands, 1 of PPD & 2 of med&society*
all of them were super nice..
yg bestnye..
lecture yesterday

Principles in Control & Prevention of Diseases
by Dr. Rohaizzat

was the most awesome med&society lecture so far
*honestly, med&society mmg my least favourite*
blaja all those acts thingy...
well, that's not me!!

but yesterday pnye lecture mmg terbaek wei!!
ntahla nape..
tp dr. tu mcm pndi amik ati student kot...
dgn all his jokes and sarcasm
i was kinda attracted to listen attentively to the lecture...
ayat die yg aku plg ske skali was,
"today u take the food,tomorrow diarrhoea already!!"
the sentence was a simple one
tgh celoteh sal vibrio cholera pnye short incubation period
tp care that dr. smpikn tu mmbuatkn aku akn tersenyum everytime i remember that phrase!!

actually, i dont expect us to have practical class as early as in week one
but nevertheless...
clinical skill learning is my favourite class..
*maybe sbb bley sarung white coat with stethoscope dlm poket kot =D*

i've learned lots of new things..
how to take proper temperature using oral thermometer
how to take blood pressure using the ultra complicated sphygmomanometer
how to do proper bandaging
etc etc etc...

sempat amik gmbr ngan ainaa je~~

that's my week
it was a very good one

till then

p/s: seronok da dpt wujudkn signature dlm blog ni..yay!!!