Monday, March 21, 2011


i was going through my surgery notes
*exam is days away T_T*
when i realised how my playlist looks like

-my playlist-

bruno mars - grenade
glee - dont cry for me argentina
glee - total eclipse of the heart
the script - breakeven
bruno mars & natasha bedingfield - again
anggun - berganti hati
taylor swift - back to december
faizal tahir - hanyut
glee - landslide
christina aguilera - you lost me
pixie lott & stan walker - the one
christina perri - jar of hearts
glee - get it right
bruno mars - talking to the moon
azlan & the typewriter - jeritan batinku
afgan - entah
glee - i dreamed a dream

most of the songs tu emo gile!!

i dont think that im depressed
perhaps my subconscious is depressed
with exams so very near
and he's going back to japan soon

maybe i AM depressed


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