Sunday, March 13, 2011

maysaa & pastelina

as the title implies

i have both my maysaa and pastelina with me

this is my very first time buying this brand

chiffon scarf snood

a brand by the famous hana tajima

it is actually a birthday present from him
*eventhough it's few days early*

the hijab is gorgeous
its material is very classy with the soft chiffon as the hijab
i cant wait to wear it formally
i love how it is cool on my skin and how it doesnt move about
it stays on your head bery nicely
i just love the hijab


this orange thingy is my first skirt

alexis skirt

a new amazingly-blooming brand by amazing people
shea rasol and adriani adnan

the skirt is so modest and simple
yet beautiful
as its designer mentioned in her blog
it flows at every right point perfectly
the two layers chiffon material makes it timeless =D

enough said
experience it yourself !!


Maryam H said...

eh? laaa tak nampak ape pon kalu gamba camtuuu :') haha

nadhira khairudin said...

alaaa...segan nk ltk gmbr sndiri..nntila ye ;)