Monday, September 27, 2010


it's finally going to come to an end
the awesome magical journey we've all been traveled since 10 years
(or even longer for those who read the book earlier)

cant wait!!

with love (and anticipation)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

selagi hayat dikandung badan, takkan putus tali persaudaraan

ages it has been since my last post
masuk clinical year ni
rse berat sgt tgn nk menaip post
ni pun belum tentu berkekalan lagi

itu sume x penting
yang penting post kali ni
it is juat a perspective of a 20 years old girl towards attitude of those older than her

first of all

this is my favourite iklan raya for this year
thumbs up to maxis
everytime i watch this ad
truthfully, tears will be there
it serves its purpose very well
to remind us all about silaturrahim yang xkn mungkin putus
say whatever u want
but that's the fact

"selagi hayat dikandung badan, takkan putus tali persaudaraan"

it brought me back to the 3rd hari raya incident
*in which i am not even there*

i never thought people can gaduh around hari raya
it's raya folks!!
it's the time of the year to mend up broken relationships,
to forgive and forget,
to realise that no matter how big the grudges that you're holding towards another people, this is the time to let go
*it's not that i'm saying we can only do this during raya, but that's the tradition right??!!!*

to make it even worse
the one gaduh around was the older generation
*sorry if someone gets hurt reading this*
but grow up!!
if that's what you are going to show to us the younger generation,
then what do u expect us to be like??

everybody has anger,
everybody has things they dont like about other people
but do realise that we are not perfect
we will never be
so start trying to accept others as how they are
and people will start to accept you too

please everyone out there
stop fighting around
it will only bring you sadness and anger and stress
and later will eventually lead to heart problem and death

just remember this

"selagi hayat dikandung badan, takkan putus tali persaudaraan"

selamat hari raya
with love