Wednesday, March 9, 2011


this post was basically to *brag* about my new coin purse
*wide grin*

it's an omiyage from japan
an adorable tiny little coin purse for me to put my coins in

it may not be something so expensive
but it's meaningful
i can carry it in my bag everyday now

it's not that i havent had any coin purse before
but this one is just so different
he even gave me a 50yen coin to put inside my new coin purse

mentioning about foreign currency
ive always had a 1000yen note in my purse ever since my lil sis came back from japan couple of years back
and ive never thought of changing it to rm

today i thought why dont we go and change that money
we can get rm 30++ and spend
so we went to a "bank" currency exchanger

the officer was like, "sorry,kami xbeli duit ni..da koyak skit"

koyak sikit je kot
there goes my rm30++
*i could buy a pashmina with that amount*

so i gave that note to him
better than just keeping it in my purse and not able to do anything about it
*sigh some more*

p/s : my maysaa had arrived *woot woot* but i dont have it with me.not yet at least.
he said, "nnti b bg weekend ni. ya pakai time kte kuar time bday ya nnti"

okay darl,whatever you said =)

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