Sunday, December 18, 2011

another thought

i was once upon a time a debater
all through secondary school
*plus the very early year in ukm*
i was always the 3rd speaker
*i tried becoming the 1st speaker once, but it was a COMPLETE disaster*
so it had always been a pleasure to me to whip people around

but not today

these days
i watched and listened people around me giving snide comments on some heart-pouring session i had a week plus ago
i saw them giving me faces
calling me all the names in the books
saying how wrong i was

but i dont feel like fighting back
in fact
i felt nothing

as far as i am concern
i didnt use rude words
i didnt mention names
not even initials

so if any of you out there thinks i wrote about any particular person
you yourself must have your own reasons

i am terribly sorry for not having the gut to tell anyone anything personally
yup..that's my mistake

but if you dont think that i was talking about you
you should have no reason in the world to feel anything
shouldnt you?

yours sincerely,

p/s :
kata org melayu, siapa yang makan cili, dia yang terasa pedas nya
jadi izinkan saya bertanya, kenapa perlu yang tak makan cili tu beria-ia mencari air?

Saturday, December 10, 2011


" The truth is incontrovertible.
Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it.
But in the end, there it is "

Winston Churchill

Thursday, December 8, 2011

just a thought - from a friend to another


to be honest
you are one of the people yang i look high upon
once upon a time, this thought about you pernah came across my mind
" least ada org melayu yang boleh jd leader"

but then 
this few weeks sort of open my eyes about you
and this thought pulak yang came across my mind
"kalau diri sendiri pun xbole nk pimpin, mcm mne nk jd leader utk org lain"

allow me to be frank
i have always thought that entering med school is one of the things in life that i can never thank God enough
and that leads me into becoming who i am today
some might consider me skema dan yang sewaktu dgnnya
i felt terrible when i failed to attend any form of class
be it just the trivial morning rounds
or even going to observe operations where sometimes i didnt know what was happening at all!!

then again
some individuals simply skip all this routines
which surprise surprise!
includes YOU

i have been observing people all around me
and some are known to be just like that
skipping classes and all
but to include you in that group of people was somehow embarrassing!!

you skipped ward rounds
you didnt attend clinic sessions
you failed to be present at the operation theatres
you denied responsibilities given to you

allow me to asked you then,
what is your purpose of entering med school??

it may sound harsh
but to be honest
you definitely didnt deserve your place you are in right now
and if you accidentally graduated as a medical doctor
i dont think you will be a good one

people say he's in love
give him space and time to love and feel loved
to enjoy whatever feeling he's been losing himself in

you know what,
i'm in love too
i have been in love for the past 4 years and 10 months
and you know what
i have never skipped any class

grow up man!!
you are an adult
take control of your life as you should be doing
fine if you're in love
congratulations i would say
but remember that love is just one small tiny little part of your life
there's more to it
and you need to recognize that before it's too late

and if this love of yours let you be who you are now
supporting you skipping classes and all
ruining your reputation
making you lose all the respects you have had before
then she might not be in love with you after all
she probably doesnt deserve you at all

if you're reading this, whoever you are
think about it

yours sincerely,