Monday, November 30, 2009

new...isn't it??

today is the first day of the brand new semester for the current year
*note the usage of present tense here indicating the day hasnt end yet =D*
which also be the last pre-clinical semester before stepping in the clinical years
nothing much
nothing extraordinary
just a usual normal day for me

i had three feedbacks + briefings in the morning from three different lecturers
then later in the evening i had 2 anatomy lectures
these two was killing me as they were done in the evening
*lectures at two in a hot-due-to-disappearance-of-air-conditioner lecture hall are crazy*
**anatomy pulak tuh!!!!!**

i also actually officially got to know my last semester result today
*most da tau tyme cuti...probably i am the only one yg terkebelakang =((*
but nevermind that

i p.a.s.s.e.d every module
*including the one i am quite sure of failing*

but that doesnt matter right now
yg penting is this semester

basically semester 4 consists of 7 thingies to be mastered

  • gastrointestinal & hepatobiliary system
  • endocrine system
  • neuroscience
  • reproductive system
  • history taking & physical examination of the gastrointestinal system and nervous system
  • comprehensive health care
  • personal & professional development

this time
the modules in the biomedical strand are not as simple and as easy as in the 3rd semester
but being a medical students
this type of things are the things that we must never complain
and so i wont complain

hopefully in this semester i will :
  • study smarter
  • study harder
  • play lesser
*errr....i was actually wondering if the third point possible =D*

everything is possible
as long as you think it is possible

best of luck to me and to all second year ukm med students
in facing the 4th semester's challenges and obstacles

till then


Saturday, November 28, 2009

new moon ~ a review

alert : this post contains individual perception towards a thing and be remind that human perceptions differ among one another



2 hours and 10 minutes mcm xde ape2 yg jadi
just filled with cheesy words and conversations
*quotation to my friend, mr qama*

u r absolutely rite
it's is not up to my expectation
*dont get me wrong...the movie was made according to the book...verbatim...but obviously, nothing interesting*

it's a love story
*never deny that*
and i love love story
but not that typical over-to-the-top romantic love story
everything was sooooooooooo slow
and at then end, i didnt feel the feeling that i usually feel walking out of the theater

i also kinda hate bella in this particular movie
she is gorgeous of course
but i hate the way she played jacob
and leave him in the end like nothing ever happened
it's just................................wrong!!

as i think back of the movie
i cant find even ONE part of the whole 2 hours and a half that i like
nothing engaging

from a total 5
i will only give 2 1/2 stars to new moon

alert : this post contains individual perception towards a thing and be remind that human perceptions differ among one another

till then


nur kasih ~ a review

alert : this post contains individual perception towards a thing and be remind that human perceptions differ among one another

let's begin

last night, the series completed and the 26th episode reached to its end

it is a very meaningful story with beautifully-captured scenes
*i believe that is the asset in all khabir's movies*
the actors and actresses really play their roles well
the storyline was nice
simple ordinary family that never escapes from Allah's tests
and eventually goes through it all with faith and courage

the movie is so good
that it became quite a phenomena in this country

there are couple of things i really like and dont really like in the movie

what i really like
  • i really like the family bonding in hj hassan's family. it is a very tightly-knitted family that every single person care for another. especially the bonding between adam and his brother.
  • i really like the way it shows how adam had really deviate from the right path at the beginning. it is clear that no matter how good a family background can be, it can never be perfect. every thing in this world has its own flaw except for Allah swt.
  • i really like aliya's family. they are filthy rich but they never judge others based on their wealth. it's hard to find that kind of rich people these days but it doesnt mean there are none
  • i really like the way the director ends the movie by showing adam managed to get his foot out of the sand and walks towards his father with his brother. for me, its touching and meaningful.

what i hate
  • i hate the way adam acts towards katrina after she had changed and returned to him. it shows how immatures adam is. i think adam should at least be grateful because i believe katrina had sacrificed tremendously for his sake.
  • i hate when nur's mother wear that "tudung siti". she is the imam's wife and she should present herself in a better way instead of wearing that kind of scarf. yet, its individual's faith.

that's what i think of the story
and it represent what i think and doesnt have anything to do with what others think of it
i've watched every episode
and i gave 4 1/2 stars for it

one last crucial point : remy is soooooooo handsome at the end of the movie when he walked towards his father
*seriously!! =D*

alert : this post contains individual perception towards a thing and be remind that human perceptions differ among one another

till then


p/s : going to watch new moon later this afternoon..i'll post in the review later....
double p/s : next after nur kasih will be aliff firdaus..having siti's song as the ost and starring beego and irma hasmie, i think i'll give it a try =D

Friday, November 27, 2009

a.b.a.h's 53rd

it was last tuesday *nov 24th* that my beloved a.b.a.h officially turn 53

*it's just the post was posted today due to the cake late arrival*
**because my eldest sis a.i.n.a just got back yesterday and the cake travels with her**

to my dearest a.b.a.h
mr ahmad khairudin wahab

H.A.P.P.Y 53rd B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y

may Allah blesses you throughout the rest of your life
may happiness lingers around and never leaves
may pain and hardship never brings you down
we all *ibu.kakak.kakme.dhira.ajim.adik* love you so much

*my abah is actually not feeling very well when the picture was taken =D*

*courtesy to +wondermilk for the extremely adorable cuppacakes*

till then


p/s : tonight will be the last episode for nur kasih...cant wait...maybe i'll do some review tomorrow =D

Thursday, November 26, 2009

one on top of another

[2009,nov 26th]
lots of things happened
one on top of another

i got a msg from a friend saying the result of the final exam will be out today
but it will be in the evening
*i wonder why xkuarkn pg2 je...kan senang~~*

since tomorrow is holiday already
and the new semester will b open next monday
tngu jela next monday
than bru tgk how's my result
*hopefully i pass all modules..insyaAllah~~*

itu story sal result yg da kuar tp blum tau lg cmne~~

hari ni jgk
me, my ibu, both my sis y.u.m.n.i & n.a.j.w.a.t.u.r.n.e.r
went to jusco seremban 2

main purpose : buy movie ticket [new moon] for saturday's show

tp taula kn
so adela item2 lain yg dibeli

starting today
i have my first very own mascara
together dgn make-up remover skali
*hikhikhik...tetibe rse gedik nk pki =D*

i drove home from seremban
sbb teringin nk merasa bwk kt jln bru yg menggantikn bukit putus
it took us 5 minutes instead of 25 minutes
*tp rse sedey memikirkn jln bukit putus yg sekian lme berbakti kpd org pilah yg nk g seremban =((*

ble blik umah
my sis y.u.m.n.i and my ibu
cook my favourite dish of all time

~ikan pari masak asam pedas~

*yummy yummy*

so that's about it
my day today

*still thinking about how my result is going to be like*

till then


p/s : hopefully my result will be okay..

double p/s : happy eiduladha to all muslims

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


just got back from picking up my sis y.u.m.n.i from melaka

so happy today

at last

i have something i've been dreaming for the past few days

brand new
Harry Potter & Half-Blood Prince DVD
*yay!!! =D*







*actually nk tambah ag perkataan seronok my sis n.a.j.w.a.t.u.r.n.e.r ckp cukupla tu~~*

till then


p/s : esk nk g beli tiket new moon...can't wait!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

g.e.r.a.m lagi

my sis n.a.j.w.a.t.u.r.n.e.r showed me just now
taylor swift's fifteen's video clip kt channel V
*as usual*

tp tbe2 vid clip tu kt youtube
xbley di*embed*kn ke blog
*unallowed due to some requests*


tp xpela...
tgk jela kt youtube

till then


p/s : "boys like girls feat taylor swift - two is better than one" is currently played in my page...i lyke~~

in l.u.r.V.e

first of all
this entry has nothing to do with real affection towards any person
just an infatuation okay!!

as a G.i.R.L
i AM materialistic
*not really yg mcm gle2 pnye materialistic*
but still
every girl just l.u.r.V.e accessories

i was lying on the sofa in front of the tv
when the ad appears

~a new handphone~

LG GD900 Crystal

this phone caught my eyes
*blink blink*

u know why
tranparent keypad and all

but there's one feature that is just not my type

i just dont really like touchscreen phone
it's not that feature tu xmenarik
but then for someone yg jari gemuk2 like me
susah kalau phone tu touchscreen
nnti instead of couple of seconds to text
jd few minutes
kan membazir nmenye tu

this phone xmcm iPhone
sbb it has both features
kalau kte xnk gne touchscreen
gne jela keypad mcm biase
no problem about that
*huhu..kalau da ske tu,ade je route to get away with it*

tp xla nk sgt pun
my sony ericsson tu still in very good shape
bru pki setahun lebih
xberbaloila kalau nk bli yg baru
*unless my abah cop duit...hahaha =D*

till then


p/s : bru dpt perfume ysl yg sgt diingini yesterday..xknla nk mintk phone plak kn!!~~