Friday, April 16, 2010

i actually drove the b.e.n.z

yesterday my abah picked me up from college
the real plan at first was that i will go home with my sis aina today instead of asking my abah to pick me up
eventhough exam ended on tuesday

wednesday night
my abah called
and this was how part of the conversation like

abah : kakya nk balik esk x?abah bley amik..sbb abah mmg ade hal kt shah alam hari tu
me : xpela bah..mcm menyusahkan..kakya blik ngan kakak jela hari jumaat
abah : xpela..kalau abah amik kakya esk,blik tu kakya bwkla kete ni..abah duk sblh je
me : haaa?!!!serious??
abah : yela..
me : mmm..nnti dira fkirla dlu..takut xsmpat nk kemas brg je..nnti kakya confirm ngan abah smula ye

my abah knows how to lure me into going back with him
giving me the opportunity to drive his car
*something i thought i can only dream about*

to tell the truth
i am the only one in this house with driving license yg belum merasa drive my abah's car tu lg
tp all this time i was like
xpela..saya masih blum layak lg kot nk drive kete je la snowvy kakak tu
but last night
abah made my dream came true
*blissful =D*

i drove the sedan kt highway
abah pesan mule2, "kakya bwk jgn laju2..80-90 je ye"
saya pun angguk sajala
tp tgh2 highway tu, adela kete slow merata2
saya pun ckp kt abah saya, "dira potong kete ni bah ye"
my abah just replied, "kalau xde kete,potongla"
saya pun seronokla memotong kereta2 yg ada di highway tu
tp tiap kali nk take over, kne consult abah dlu
*ngeee =D*

driving abah's sedan sgt berbeza
xterasa lgsg ble laju
selesa je
this was the 3rd car i've drove
and the best yet

maybe because it was a b.e.n.z

till then

with love

made in s.w.e.d.e.n

all this time
pegi IKEA just for the pleasure of sight-seeing dlm showroom die
tp that day
disebabkan seronok sgt exam da selesai
i ended up buying 7 items
which i didnt have anything to regret about it
7 items in a affordable price
i was quite happy actually

i developed psychological dependence
*in lay-man term : addiction*

since duit scholar da masuk
so berisiko untuk memandu ke arah damansara
and ended up dkt IKEA lg

this post is actually to show
the 7 items i bought
first time spending money dkt IKEA

item 0 : Grimen

this one is my favourite
since 1st time i laid eyes on this bed
selesa gle
slalu baring2 ngan kakak ats katil ni kalau lalu bhgian bedroom
tp xbelila
*that's why it became item 0*
it will not serve the purpose pun kalau beli

item 1 : Lack

sort of side table
nk ltk dlm bilik kt ktdi nnti
*huhu..see prof..tlgla luluskn saya..saya da xsabar sgt nk g ktdi..siap beli furniture lg*
beli colour red so that my white V will look stunning on it
plus my new speaker is red in colour

item 2 : Tindra

berries candles
seriously bilik wangi
time kakak ckp,kinda xpercaya
ble da bkr sndiri,then bru prcaya
wangi =D

item 3 : Vessla

ini mmg sgt perlu oke
container yg ade tayar kt bwh
so bley tolak merata2
and i no longer need to have the risk of getting prolapsed intervertebral discs everytime i need to move my heavy books from one place to another

item 4 : Jall

this one utk menggantikan bakul ketam saya yang da koyak
so pasni bleyla bermalas-malasan before lipat baju
baju2,sila duduk diam2 dlm Jall oke!

item 5 : Praktisk

ini adala pelekat utk dilekatkn pada bwh permukaan furniture
supaya ia tidak bergerak2 dan tidak rosak
especially Mammut kesayangan saya
*Mammut akan diperkenalkan kpd umum di bawah =D*

item 6 : Mammut

ini kesukaan dan kesayangan saya
bangku comel berwarna putih
utk dipadankan dgn side table merah bernama Lack td
sgt suka!!!!

item 7 : Neglinge

sorry kerana trlupa utk snap gmbr die
it's actually a candleholder
yg digunakan utk pgg Tindra everytime i burn it

picture courtesy to IKEA
ini gmbr curik dr laman web IKEA =D

itula dia brg2 yg saya beli di IKEA
nnti nk ajak kakak saya pg lgla =D

till then

with love


sorry sebab suda lama tidak update blog ini

mulai hari ini, dan sebulan yg akan dtg *insyaAllah jika saya lulus exam saya*
saya akan kerap menambah isi blog ini okeh!!

jika tidak lulus *nauzubillah* saya perlu kembali menghadap nota2 neuroscience saya
*nota2 tersebut terpilih kerana paper tersebut yang relatively mempunyai possibility gagal yang agak tinggi*

apa2pun,doakan saya lulus oke

till then

with love

exam, post-exam & first day at h.o.m.e

chapter 1 : e.x.a.m

first of all
result will be out on the 23rd
and i dont feel a thing
i should feel scared for the fact that i may failed paper/s
however, since it will be a week away
so, i'm trying not to stress myself so much about it i guess

in order to put everything that happened in my entire exam weeks in a nutshell
lets begin with a paper and continue with another one
or perhaps, lets make things easier
by concluding all papers into one

as usual
being UKM medical students
we have 4 modules to be completed every semester
and this time
the modules are :

the gastrointestinal & hepatobiliary system
the endocrine system
the neuroscience module
the reproductive system

so of all the four
the endocrine system would be my favourite
hormones give me rush i supposed


the neuroscience module would be the least preferred
maybe due to the fact that the first essay q which is terribly easy
unfortunately, i didnt remember a thing on cerebellum
and it ended up to be the worst essay q i've ever answered
two years of being medical student,
i've always had a thing with anatomy
but in this particular module
i purposely left out the whole topic on cerebellum when i did my final reading the night before that particular paper
and anatomy became my worst nightmare

no matter how i put it into words
none can describe how i felt
and i know that the only things left to do would be praying
so that i'll pull through the exam
and the results next week can put smile on my face

chapter 2 : p.o.s.t-e.x.a.m

bergembira bersama kawan-kawan

this time
let the pictures do the talking

chapter 3 : hari pertama di r.u.m.a.h


cepatla semester baru mula
xsabar nk masuk tahun klinikal
nk pki white coat sepanjang hari

till then

with love

Friday, April 2, 2010

of e.x.a.m.s and r.e.a.l.i.t.y

last night we had a session with a senior which had successfully turned himself into a doctor 2 days ago
i was like, bestnye...aku ada lg 3 tahun..huhuhu

the fact that monday is the first day of examination chills me
worse than that, it's gastrointestinal system
which for me is the 2nd hardest module i've learned during my preclinical year
*the hardest one would be membrane&receptor*

please please please pray for me
i'm kinda excited to enter clinical years
having different postings every 3 months
having clinicians scoldings for the lackness in our knowledge
having the opportunities to actually touch patients and experience the real fact of becoming a doctor
having to wear white coats all the time =D
this is my dream
this is what i want to become
this is what i live to achieve
an MD

and yet
this upcoming 2 weeks will determine whether i have the ability to proceed
or the other way round

we can only plan
but Allah decides everything else


till then

with love

p/s : to those whom i've hurt before, i'm sending tons of apology your way with all my heart...