Friday, December 31, 2010

ape pendapat awak?

saya xde facebook
tp mak saya pun ade facebook

selamat tahun baru semua

with love

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


time : 1050 am

i was sitting in the lecture hall when kan chan siang came up to me and said,

"nad, short case 230 this evening at OB2"

*short case - an assessment of your clinical skills in palpating patients in obstetrics and gynaecology plus some discussion on diseases related to pregnancy*

i was like
suddenly my mind went blank
mcm mne nk short case
totally unprepared
but still
no matter what i said that time, the short case will still be carried out and i should be covering what i can at that time


time : 2.45pm

i saw her walking in the ward
in my opinion the most beautiful specialist in the department
my heart was tachycardic
and my palms were as cold as ice
nothing can describe the feeling that particular moment

then she called us one by one making sure all of us were there already
and she told siang to come with her first and the rest of us to wait in the tutorial room
so off we went to the tutorial room

time flies


time : 3.40 pm

the three of us in the tutorial room were restless
what took so long?
as far as we knew, short cases normally will only take 15 - 20 minutes
and here we are waiting for almost an hour

then yin ru came in, and said,

"dr lim went to the labour room to conduct delivery of her patient from wad khas. u all tunggu ok. jgn pegi mane2"

we were like
more waiting


time : 410 pm

the door of the tutorial room was opened by someone
and there stood dr lim, smiling to us and said,

"do u want to know what happened? haih..come..nur fathurah. i'll try to make you meet your death as fast as possible"

so we were dumbfounded
and fathurah followed her


time : 425 pm

dr lim entered the room again calling chai xin hang as the next candidate
then there left me, alone, counting second by second


time : 445pm

at last
my turn came
i followed her to the bed
and the patient was already diagnosed to be in active phase of labour with the cervical os 4 cm
so arm need to be done before sending her to the labour room

at first i thought that it would be the end of my life since we might need to find another patient who is pregnant to be palpated
and that would take forever since the red ward was already filled with postnatal patients
luckily, the patient said that she was okay for only another student to palpate her abdomen

so i went on
palpating pregnant lady with on previous scar, currently at 35 weeks and 6 days period of amenorrhea with uterus smaller than her dates

there were mistakes here and there
but overall i was quite confident with myself
and the discussion after that went well too

Allah, i cant thank you enough


time : 505 pm

i went back with smile on my face
enjoying obstetrics and gynaecology posting even more
and hoping for good result

with love

p/s :
~ thanks a lot Dr Rahana for teaching me skills in palpating abdomen with gravid uterus
~ thanks to my group members for helping me sharpen my skills and knowledge
~ thanks to Dr Lim Yun-Hsuen for making my short case uneventful
~ thanks you Allah for eveything =D

Monday, December 27, 2010

perempuan itu istimewa

two weeks until the end of obstetrics & gynaecology posting


perempuan itu istimewa

6 weeks in obs & gynae opened my eyes a lot
even as a lady, i never thought women had the capability that i knew we actually do have now
in obs & gynae, we dealt with women from the very young up till the very old
yg paling magnificent sekali would be dealing with pregnant women

after all this time, kite cuma dgr people mention
penat ibu mengandung 9 bulan sepuluh hari
hormat mak, die jage kite dlm perut lame
die yang lahirkn kite
die yang besarkan kite
die yang jge kite malam2 up till the point xkn ade seekor nyamuk pun yang hinggap kat badan kite
but actually, do we really go deep into these sayings?

most of us actually did not experience watching the pain of women in labour
ya Allah..tuhan je yang tau
i may not experienced it yet
but watching mothers struggle with contractions pain, waiting for the cervical os to dilate up to 10 cm sent chills up my spine
kalau yang os fully dilate after 2-3 hours tu xpe jgk
tp bygkn yg kene tngu smpi 11-12 hours just to make sure the baby is safely delivered
dgn contractions 1 in 2 minutes

the first thing that came to my mind after observing the first delivery in my life was
"ya Allah, macam manela ibu bole tahan semua ni smpi 5 kali"

only after observed yg itu baru sedar mcm mane peritnye seorang perempuan tu nk bersalin
dgn episiotomy nye
pastu kne suture lg
blood loss yang slalunya not less than 250 mls

only women can withstand that

first time conduct delivery
i only tarik bahu je after midwife tarik kepala baby tu
ble baby tu da kuar, da cord clamp, kte angkat tunjuk kt mak die
time tu baby da nangis and obvious dpt tgk mak die senyum and as if hilang sume sakit yang die rase time tu
then ble baby tu da bersih, da wrap comel2, letak baby tu dlm warmer sebelah bed mak die
time tu pun obvious mak die akn tgk je baby tu
and baby tu pun kebil2 tgk mak die
kne jahit time tu pun xrase da kot
indahnya kuasa Tuhan
kte yang melihat ni pun rase happy tgk the bond yg formed just by looking into each others eyes

that was an amazing experience
6 weeks thought me a lot

in Al-Qur'an, ade satu surah dinamakan sempena wanita
- an-Nisa' -
in medical practice, ade satu major specialty just addressing women
- obstetrics and gynaecology -

perempuan memang istimewa
itu hakikatnya


2 weeks till the end of obstetrics & gynaecology posting

with love

Sunday, December 26, 2010


it's one day post-christmas

nk post something
tp tatau ape

maybe next time

merry christmas to those who celebrate!!

with love

Sunday, December 19, 2010

empat empat puluh satu pagi

pagi ni tibe2 terasa nk post blog yg da lme sgt xbukak
sibuk ke?
ntah..mungkin sibuk kot

case write ups sume da anta
kad jemputan dinner sume da ready
so rse ringan skit kepala
kalau x tu,sume bnde nk kne fkir
dgn ward round hari2
conduct delivery yg belum complete
short case


banyak bnde jd since last time post blog
yg plg besar skali would be my sis wedding

mcm xpercaya
kakak yg slama ni jd bahan buli kitorg adik beradik da kawin
skarang da xbole nk call die ajak die kuar suke2 ati da
nk blik ngan die pun da susah
pasni kne blik naik train kalau die xnk balik
dlu bole paksa2
skarang da lain
nk call die ajak g pavi beli donut pun da xbole
rase kekok ble ade lelaki lain yg lg tua dlm umah selain abah
and kekok ble abah yg anta saya blik hukm instead of naik snowvy die yg kadang2 mcm kereta hantu tu
kekok ble blik umah tidur tiga org je dlm bilik yg selama ni berempat

saya doa die bahagia smpi ble2
dia mungkin xbole teman saya smpi ble
sbb die ade hidup die jgk
tp die tetap kakak saya

saya sayang kakak saya