Saturday, September 26, 2009

at once

perkara 1 :

tension btul ngan tv3...
dahla xtyg nur kasih
pastu ganti ngan cite ntah2 pape...
tension btul

kt singapore on mcm biase je..
kt msia plak tangguh2..
tv3 jht!!

perkara 2 :


sweet 25
cpatla kawin
nk ank buah

tu je

till then

Thursday, September 24, 2009

raya VS study

title ntah ape2 je~~~~

raya xsemestinye xbley study kan
n study xsemestinye gne buku
gne org pun bley

ape bendela yg mengarut kt ats

last nite
g umah uncle kt pd
ptg tu, my cousin alif texted
suro bwk pentorch ngan stethoscope g pd
then, bwk jela...
kt pd...
time org tgh sibuk2 borak + makan
alif & me telah menjadikn cousin kecil yg bernama mirza sbgi mangsa utk pe and cvs examination
lots of things i'd learned that nite
from inspection, smpila auscultation
byk btul da lupe
padahal baru je blaja
*kne rajin lg bce buku ye nadhira =D*

at least mlm tu memberi hasilla jgk
rather than duduk saje2 je xbuat pape~~

today pulak,
went to father's uncle kt cheras
this time blaja ubat2an pulak
my father's uncle, *i called him tok tam* has longstanding hpt and history of asthma
so, td he took out all the meds he is currently taking and ask alif bout the moa
*of coursela die tnye alif sbb my cousin to far senior than i am, currently fourth year med student kt usm*
everytime, he take a look at one med, automatically he knew what type of it and the function
*i am totally impressed...i hope to b like him one day*
then, die akn tunjuk meds to me and explain..
some like B-agonists, steroids and ARB, i already knew
nevertheless, it sure reinforce whatever i'd learned earlier

after the visit,
kitorg anta my cousin alif to lcct
*he's going back to kota bharu already*
on the way dari cheras ke lcct, we discussed lots of things...
from congenital heart diseases up to anti-tb drugs
he gave me few ways to remember things

i never had medical discussion with him before this
but seriously
i learned a lot of things
*thanks alif!!*


enough of that

just now went to klia
as usual went to eraman
and ultimately
fell in love with a perfume

young sexy lovely
by yves saint laurent

tp xbeli pun
my current versace bright crystal ade lg
maybe next time ble perfume tu da abis ;D

beli this one

the lost symbol
by dan brown

tempting gle this book
ingatkn nk tngu yg paperback
tp xthn
so bli jgkla yg hard cover =D

that's that

till then

Sunday, September 20, 2009

satu syawal

20 september 2009
1 syawal 1430 hijrah


*setelah sekian lama blog ni x diupdate, entry ni khas utk hari raya pertama tahun terakhir sbgi teenager =D*
*xde significant ape2 pun sebenarnye*

there's nothing much to tell
perhaps some pictures will reveal all the happiness of eid

*cousins ibu's side with adorable uwan*


underneath mangosteen's tree

3 generations

beloved family

with atuk's antique car

p/s : kne tngu 2 oktober utk nur kasih ep 18..lmenye~~~bru plan nk tgk kt umah ngan tv yg gmbar die cantik drpd kt kolej.... =((

Sunday, September 6, 2009

she is a.m.a.z.i.n.g

often i found my mind wandering around elsewhere during motivation talk
but not today

~prof dr muhaya mohamad~

she is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

i was planning not to go actually
but i went on the basis of accompanying sarinah
little did i know
it will be a very beneficial morning for me

things i learned today :

never think bad of yourself
never think bad of others
never let your mind wander around negative thingies
aware of everything around
be human

these thingies are actually common in our life
people may think that they know these thingies
but does knowing enough??
does knowing without any explanation or even practising them considered as satisfying?

i considered myself very lucky going to the session
i realized that everything is actually in our head
and it all depends on us on how we want to make our day like

"human is a mind with a body, not a body with a mind"

prof dr muhaya

till then

p/s: lots to do today..anatomy,histology and physiology of the respiratory system..dont procrastinate!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


the only malay story that made me cry was cinta
i cried when nanu died and provided her organ for her brother que
*i still remember that story very well*

but this particular morning
at 0351 am
khabir bhatia made me cry once more

nur kasih

this was the scene when adam was having conversation with aidil after nur went to meet their mom

adam : ape nur ckp psl adam bang?

aidil : die belum bersedia lg...adam bgla die mase..
adam : smpi akhir hayat adam bang...

this scene was between adam and aidil after they had dinner

adam : berdosa ke adam bang?fikiran berselang-seli dgn hal2 dunia..sepatutnye sekarang ni adam tumpukn perhatian pd Tuhan
aidil : fikir psl ape?psl kerja?
adam : nur
aidil : cinta pd isteri tak salah...nabi-nabi kita pun cinta pd isteri mereka..tapi jgn melebihi cinta pd Tuhan dahla..Tuhan pernah berfirman, "Dia jdkn isteri utk lelaki supaya lelaki berasa tenteram
adam : jd xslhla kalau saat-saat mcm ni adam mengharapkan die?
aidil : x slh...kalau pd cinta pd isteri, adam sandarkn utk dptkn kasih syg Allah, lg mulialah cinta adam..percayalah..

there is and will be no love greater than Allah's
He created love and with Him will the greatest love be

this was the scene when adam sent nur back to her hotel

nur : jadi abg dtg sini...
adam : abg dtg sini utk beribadah nur..dan sekiranya ibadah abg sempurna, semoga Allah makbulkn doa abg utk pulang bersama dgn isteri abg
*nur was speechless*
adam : takde paksaan...bile2 nur bersedia...abg cuma mintk kalau boleh nur maafkn segala perbuatan abg dlu..abg tahu, kesalahan abg dlu terlalu besar..
nur : nur redha..
*adam had already started crying at this touched me...*
adam : kalau satu hari nnti pintu hati nur terbuka utk abg, abg teringin utk ke Masjidilharam bersama dgn nur...Assalamualaikum
nur : Waalaikumussalam

then nur went inside the hotel and cried her heart out

every single human being on this world make mistakes
its human
but every single mistake should be repented
and be given second chance

to ask for forgiveness,

it is remarkable
but to forgive,
it's divine

my tears were rolling down my cheeks
this movie was really good that i cant stop crying
*even when i was writing this post*


till then