Saturday, January 23, 2010

he's 21 and i destroyed the c.a.k.e

this post should be done and posted on the day [january 21st]
but i couldnt make it without the cake and him

so today
*two days later*

happy birthday to mr ali azeezie
it's your 21st
*i'm still 19 =D*
*and i heart you*


*the present*

but it's kinda sad
cause i'd ruined the cuppacakes alltogether
it actually happened due to my moderate driving skill
i was actually driving to subang
and was nearing touch n' go booth
when i didnt realised there's a car up front
and my sis kt sblh was like,
i slammed on the brake pedal
and luckily nothing happened
but the cuppacakes which was on the back seat slide down
and there u go

*cuppacakes courtesy to +wondermilk*

but i was kinda touched when azeezie said,
"takpe ya...yg penting effort tu ade.."
then again

happy birthday syg

i l.o.v.e you

till then

with love,

Monday, January 18, 2010

spend a moment to t.h.i.n.k

caution : this post might contain nonsense to some people

of all this time
we had always known that human *especially girls* are very sensitive and prone to be hurt emotionally

little did we know
organs are sensitive too
*in the sense "pandai merajuk"*

this post will illustrate two phenomena in which the writer *me obviously* observe how organs "merajuk"

phenomena 1
*2nd endocrine PBL - rain & drain*

in this particular pbl, we learned almost everything we need to know on one of the most common medical conditions,
Diabetes Mellitus

*note the usage of the word "almost"..this indicates the feeling of the writer who thought that there are still a lot of things to know on dm*

in the pathogenesis *pathogenesis = the process on how the disease manifest itself* of type 2 dm, there are two mechanisms that happens

mechanism number one
insulin resistance

this one is very closely-related to obesity
in this mechanism, it is said that our peripheral tissues *namely the fat cells and the muscle cells* had become resistant towards the effect of insulin
so this leads to the disability of those tissues mentioned above to take up glucose which is important for their energy source
eventually, the glucose we consumed during our meal *rice,potato,etc* remains and accumulates in the blood leading to hyperglycaemia *hyper = a lot, glyc = glucose, aemia = blood*

but unfortunately, this mechanism has nothing to do with the purpose of writing this post
what's intriguing to the writer is the second mechanism

mechanism number two
B-cell dysfunction

secondary to the first mechanism mentioned above
as an adaptive process, the B-cells of the islet of Langerhans of the pancreas *these cells are specialized cells which are found in the pancreas and function to synthesise and secrete insulin* will try to overcome the resistance and secrete more and more insulin so that the level of glucose in our body can be regulated
the interesting part is that, after quite some time *text book mentions few years* these B-cells will be exhausted and stop producing insulin
this eventually leads to overt diabetes

in this second mechanism, the writer is very much fascinated on how the B-cells surrender most probably due to exhaustion and stop functioning
just like all of us, even cells have feeling of tiredness and decided to let go after realising for some time that whatever that they are doing doesnt make so much different
it is easy for us to watch people strive their hardest and say "keep going" and "never give up"
but, do we exactly realise how much pain do people have to endure in order to keep going and never give up?

phenomena 2
*pharmacology lecture on steroids*

in this lecture which had just ended few hours ago, there was one term that made the writer stops and thinks
Adrenal Suppression

this is one of the toxicities of glucocorticoids *ie : prednisolone, dexamethasone* which happens in patients with prolonged administration of them
this happens when our adrenal cortex which normally functions to secrete these endogenous glucocorticoids decided to stop doing so due to the presence of exogenous ones
what happen is that, the adrenal tissue sort of stopping itself from doing its job because somebody else already did which refers to the doctors who are responsible in administering the drugs
i dont call it as cheating, but it does look like one, doesnt it?

just like us also, when there are somebody else doing our job
we tend to let go of the responsibility
*the writer does this too sometimes and she believes others do as well*

overall conclusion

God makes us the most exquisite creation exist on this Earth. we *particularly the medical students* learn on everything about our body. the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology and all other aspects of human being and life. but do we ever realise how closely our body and our personality related? things that the writer mentioned above were only two examples of all the other miraculous creations of God that was actually present in our daily life as in our daily practices. there are still more to be discovered.

humans are beautiful, arent they?

till then


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

time to get m.e.l.l.o.w

everything started when prof. shahrir sang belaian jiwa with the final year students during the faculty dinner
i realised some of the malay songs are actually very beautiful
*not to criticised malay songs whatsoever, but the songs these days are full of craps*

so i was kinda indulge myself into that kind of songs
and my favourite one will be

Kau Ilhamku
by Man Bai

the lyrics is so touching that you can actually dedicate this song to anyone important in your life
*tetiba rse mcm promote lagu pulak*
but seriously
i listen to this song every night
and the rhythm and words soothe me
remind me of loving everyone around
and be grateful of everything
*sighing blissfully*

done with that
continue with diabetic neuropathy and its relation with postural hypotension

till then


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


when i was about to begin primary school
my parents' were actually planning to send me to SRJK(C) Chung Hwa
in which i violently disagree and when to SKKP instead

and now
13 years later
i'm quite mad at myself because i objected my parents' idea
if only i had attended Chung Hwa last 13 years
i'm supposedly able to speak in Mandarin these days
and can interact far better with people

it was the home visit i went today that open my eyes

first thing first

there are 4 people in my group
Wei Ming
Mei Sung

it is very challenging when you have to work with people that speaks different language than you do
and it is far more challenging when the person you are about to know and build rapport with and examine speaks the language you don't understand too

my patient is a Chinese woman
who cant speak Malay very well

i feel sad and frustrated because there's nothing much i can do during the home visit
thank God the maid is an Indonesian
and she took care of everything about our patient
so i manage to at least gather up on very aspect of my patient's daily life
her diet
her sleeping habit
her daily activities
who's taking care of her
and etc
so most of the social history was filled up by me
*where there's a will, there's always a way*

later the 4 of us went to McDonalds
and we gather up every information that we have
translate them into English
put all of them in the correct order
and eat

and i at last know what is wrong with my patient

if only i follow my parent's idea 13 years ago
and can speak Mandarin today
life wouldn't be so difficult
*more sigh*

and to my groupmates
thanks for being so tolerant and understanding
and translate every single word for me
i really appreciate all of you =D

till then


p/s : silap masuk jln on the way blik menyebabkan kitorg passed through a huge graveyard which has a papan tanda at the end of the road showing pusat bandaraya...amazing!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l in its own way

today was actually the 37th day of the current semester
but this environment was the first i had watched

i walked *as usual* with zatil this morning to the faculty
at 7, it was still very dark as if it was still 6 and there were tiny specks of rain coming down from above
at first, i was like, "kte naek bas la zatil, mcm nk ujan je ni"
so, off we went to the bus stop
unfortunately, the first bus had left already and we had to wait for another
then zatil said, "kte jlnla nad. bkn lebat pun ujan. renyai2 je"
so, we walked

as we exit the college
it was dark
*well, mentioned it already*
but there were like lots of cars than the usual days
thinking, i asked zatil, "asl byk kete eh??"

**few moments of quietness**

answering my own question, "patutla...budak2 sekolah arini"

obviously, they started yesterday
but yesterday, i missed that particular environment because class was at 10 and i took the bus rather than walking
i dont have the reason why
but i love the environment i had been in today
maybe just as an individual walking through it
and had nothing involved with the whole going-to-school process
but watching the way people reacted in that process was eventful

i love to see kids walking fast into the school compound with bags and water bottles and books
they resemble the idea of thirst in knowledge
i love to see sons & daughters kiss their parents goodbye before they exit the car to join their friends to school
i love to see the joy & laughter as they walk to school
i love to see the prefects looking reckless at the gates waiting for those who are late
it showed what i used to look like during my school days

those scenes were beautiful
each in its own way

till then


p/s : duit da abes byr yuran sem 4.....*sigh*

Sunday, January 3, 2010

tahun .b.a.r.u.

it is already the third day
still new i believe =D


till then