Wednesday, March 2, 2011

it's PMS, isn't it?

oh boy oh boy
help me
i'm in a middle of emotional breakdown

tataula knape
these days rase diri ni bitchy sgt
semua bnde xkne
then nk marah kt sume org
pasni instead of main angry birds
bole main angry me

i think this time of the month
it's what people call PMS
*for sure korg tau kn..yg tatau g google*

simply said,

"when the hormones go haywire
you turn into godzilla"


i like it when i was stress when my azeezie went to japan for the first time

i didnt eat
i didnt care of eating
i didnt even feel hungry

so i end up having weight loss

this time around
my pms was way bad than before
i didnt like it simply because i cant stop eating
and i end up gaining weight and increasing the size of my cheeks
god help me!!
*double damn!!*

i didnt even know why i started writing this post at first
maybe because i can hit my keyboard as hard as i can
and it wont be mad at me
*sorry missV*

enough said
or else i'll keep on babbling things i shouldnt

it's PMS

p/s : sorry folks for my bitchiness..blame it on the hormones!

1 comment:

sizuka[Izzati] said...

biasalah, the way dhira, u look more super-ADORABLE with those bam-bam cheeks.hakhak~