Saturday, April 14, 2012

magical journey


today is indeed an exciting day for me
Pottermore is officially open for everyone!!

*YAY !!!*

i have been waiting for this for ages
i tried to enter the beta part 
but was obviously unsuccessful :(

nevermind that
it is open for all today

these are teasers from me :)

to be honest
Harry Potter had been my savior since i was 11
i started with watching the first movie
and had been hoping for an owl post offering me a place at Hogwarts ever since
i even imagined myself a witch
and instead of studying to become a doctor
i will pursuit the journey to become a healer
and work at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries
silly me =P

my username : AurorAsh22418
add me if any of you decided to join Pottermore :)

yours sincerely,

Friday, April 13, 2012

post-3months h.i.a.t.u.s


*sweep sweep*
bersin2 saya menulis post ni sebab da berhabuk

this coming monday
fayyadh is turning 3 months
and he's getting bigger, more spoiled than ever!!

and for the past 3 months
macam2 da terjadi dlm hidup ini
*terasa jiwang pulak*

it will be inappropriate utk create post for every single thing yg jd throughout these 3 months
so here it is
compiled version


first and foremost
i am officially a final year UKM med student
hopefully every single person in my batch will be together with me starting our new and final year next month

rasa mcm xpercaya da final year
and honestly
beban kat bahu makin terasa
permudahkanlah semuanya ya Allah
semoga all of us will become good and safe doctors in the future :)


these recent 2 weeks
saya belajar skill baru
believe it or not
saya da pandai menjahit baju kurung pesak :)
lepas ni
i'm going to learn how to make baju kurung moden, kebaya and baju melayu

i have had the interest to learn this particular skill sejak sekolah lg
but then, banyak sgt halangan
at last, bila da 22 baru berkesempatan nk belajar
and i could not be any happier

rasa beruntung bila tahu mcm mana nk menjahit ni
sebab boleh jimat gila2
plus bole dpt side income
these days kalau tempah sepasang baju kurung biasa kt pilah ni je da rm35 - rm38
kalau jahit sendiri, x ke jimat??

rase terserlah keperempuanan bila pandai menjahit ni
hahahahahahahaha =D

lebih menggembirakan

ibu sedekahkan saya mesin jahit elektrik kecilnya kepada saya sempena hari jadi saya

mesin jahit baby saya :)

alatan menjahit saya :)

ni baju pertama saya jahit from scratch tanpa bantuan maklang
*saya belajar menjahit dgn maklang saya :) terima kasih maklang*

baju kurung pesak utk ibu
kain blum jahit lg and sembat kt tgn and hujung baju pun belum buat lg

jahitan saya still sort of raw lagi and obviously need a lot of practice
*refer pic bawah*
nevertheless, ibu da try and die gembira dgn hasil kerja saya :)

actually, ni baju pertama jahitan saya
tp dgn bantuan yg byk sekali :)


hari ni my first ever fitflop sampai

with this one
i can get a workout while i walk :)

confused much??
refer kat fitflop
malas nk explain  :)

that's basically what happened these 3 months
check i'm happy :)

yours sincerely,

p/s : my sayang is back :) couldnt be any happier !!