Tuesday, March 22, 2011


tv series are simply addictive

first it's House

*blame sarinah and all the blok A girls for this*

already season 7 now
and i missed a couple of eps this season
this series still intrigue me
particularly the medical mystery
it feels good to actually understand all the medical jargon they are talking in the series
eventhough i had to open my kumar&clark for reconfirmation
and how it'll be super cool to have gorgeous doctors around
*drooling thinking of dr chase =D*

then there's Glee

*blame my sisters for this*

still my favourite so far
now that regional's over, everybody *including me* is looking forward for national
i love the simplicity of the show
with all the drama, songs and finn-proofed choreography
plus brittany's one-liners and santana b*tchiness
i just love glee
just that!
*wishing for jesse st james to come back..pleaseee*

now it's Pretty Little Liars

*blame sitizulaikha & my housemates for this*

beautiful young ladies with crazy lies and secrets
my heart actually beats faster than usual watching this show
particularly nearing the end
just completed season 1
and i just finished watching it just now
*not going to give any spoilers here*
i hate cliffhangers
but i cant wait for the next season in june

tv series are addictive
the really really really are!

p/s : continue reading my gynaecology by ten teachers..exam is in 5 days =(


sarinah said...

ye ke start dr ak? npe ak rse ak tpengaruh dr kau je...ke dba ek? da lpe...uwaaa, ak pun da lme xupdate latest episode house (da xminta dr kau) hehe :D

adibah zakaria said...

aku xtau la sarinah maksudkn dba aku ke..dba rahman..tapi..kalo tnyaku sape slah..cik NADHIRA la jawabnye..except for PLL aku addicted dri org len =)