Saturday, May 30, 2009

terjangkit virus..

selepas fiza...
nmpknye aku plak yg terjangkit virus yg dicetuskn oleh maryam...
kalau fiza terjangkit dari ira ngan najwa...
aku plak terjangkit dari fiza...
sabar jela....


till then

suke sangat!!!!

i totally like this photo..
just uploaded it in my facebook and tagged lots of ukm friends on the picture...
to tell the truth, all malay ukm girls that are on my facebook's friendlist are on the picture...
*best sgt..seronok berkongsi ke'princess'an ngan friends*

i really missed all my friends already...
*errmmm...ble la nk start sem baru ni...*

i will meet all of friends in one-piece when the new semester begins...

really missed you all... ='(

till then

Friday, May 29, 2009

header baru ku!! =D

hari ni da buat header bru...
sume kt ats tu sume aku ske...

1. Buku..

obviously skarang ni buku adela aset penting kt aku..
everything kne rujuk buku...
tiap2 mase pon kne bace buku...

2. Donut Big Apple

my fav donuts...
*fav donuts of my whole family*
i like this more compared to Jco and Krispy Kreme
sedap, lembut, xmanis sgt...
just nice la..

3. Disney Princesses

i am a girl..
so mmg dri kecik ske tgk fairy tales disney...
and kdg2 berangan nk jd one of Disney princesses..
*my fav is Belle in Beauty and the Beast!!*

4. Piano

this is my fav musical instrument...
i do regret stop blaja dlu...
klau x maybe da bley main dgn fluentnye...
tp xpe sbb skarang pun bley gak la main piano..

that's the story of my header...

till then

Thursday, May 28, 2009

a gloomy day it will be today


sorry for that very negative statement..
but seriously, i do think it will be..
and for a quite stupid reason..
*man u lost 2-0 to barca last nite... =(*

before ths,
i am not the kind of person who cares so much on football..
but since cuti yg da almost a month ni..
i kinda indulge myself in it..
*especially dgn ade adik yg sorg obsessed with man u & sorg ag obsessed with gerrard..*

so, last nite
*as everybody knows, i guess*
man u and barcelona met in rome for champions league final..
those two are very splendid teams..
one with ronaldo and the other with messi
*almost everyday before ths, every paper mesti ade pictures of these two guys..*
but obviously, man u must be lacking of something i dont know last nite..
because barca won quite comfortly *2-0*
but that was not the thing that ultimately will make today a gloomy..
the important thing is that the condition of my sister...
she will be the one who will make today a gloomy day
*particularly due to post-man u lost*

i didn't know why,
very early this morning *4.50 am i think*, i woke up..
maybe due to the coldness in the room..
but seriously, i am the type of person who seldom woke up very early in the morning despite any reason...
*but this morning was an exception*

i went out of bed and out of the room..
i at once remember yg najwa will be awake as well..
*sbb die mmg xpnah miss out even one man u matches, what more this important game where there will be trophy to be won at the end..*
so, there's light in the family room *obviously from the tv*
as i walked towards the family room, najwa da bgn n the game seemed to end already..
she came up to me and just said, "manchester kalah"..
at that tyme i realised, she was crying...
i said, "dah2, meh sini.."
i pulled her towards me and patted the back of her shoulder softly....

i knew that she always cry everytime man u lost an important game but i never saw before this..
and i also knew that she will ngadu to my eldest sis *aina* whenever she's sad...
*but she was not here*
this morning, it felt like it was my responsibility to calm her down..
pastu, she went back to bed and i selimut her with her favourite selimut dinosaur...
and i pon went to bed again and i woke up once more realising that she's getting ready to go to school...
*i hope school will cheer her up cause she'd always love school and friends..*

to najwa,
relaxla ek...
there will be next year for man u to win that cup!!~~
chill aja!!~~

till then

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


hari ni aku mghabiskan mase duk dpn pc je...
sbbnye, buat header blog...
*hhmmmm...sabar jela*

tyme first i online in the morning,
g visit my friends' blog...
as i go through the blogs, perasan most of them ade header yg menarik and not just typical blogspot pnye header...
so, i started surfing the web...finding web on how to create our own header...
as i browse page after page, clinging to my self-esteem..
at last i teringat my sis najwa ckp we can prepare our own collage dkt
*die mmg hebat sket bab2 teknologi...*

i pon went to that page,
and started doing the collage...
*senang je i ni quite asyik xpuas ati je ngan ape yg da siap*
one collage after another...
and i spend almost 4 hours..
*sorry kakme, i didn't help you cook.. =D*

and at last...
siapla header tu...
puas ati aku...

well...itu je hari ni..

till then

Monday, May 25, 2009

we all love banana <3<3<3


i choose banana to be the main topic today because it makes today quite a special day...
*seperti yg najwa slalu ckp,"tak cliche" =D*

hari ni kakme buat pelik sket sbb tbe2 je teringin nk buat lepat pisang..
actually the whole family puasa hari ni..
*except najwa & ajim & abah*
so tgh hari tu kakme msk skit je utk makhluk dua org tu..
ptg tu..
ibu tnye kitorg nk mkn ape utk berbuka..
kakme ckp mkn je la lauk yg ade kt dapur tu..
*well, aku xckp ape2 sbb terlalu penat =D*

in all of a sudden,
kakme tbe2 ask ibu if die tau cmne nk buat lepat pisang..
die ckp die teringin..
then ibu ckpla kalau nk buat lepat pisang kne ade daun pisang..
lgpun kt umah xde pisang...
so ibu pun call la maklang *my auntie yg tinggal kt gentam* to ask her if there is any daun pisang at her house...
*since my maklang tu stay in rural area, die pun ckp ade and die akn tlg amikkn kt blakang umah die..kakme pun yay la..*
so kitorg pun kuarla ptg td utk g bli pisang and g umah maklang to take the daun pisang..
wpun penat puasa that day, ble ibu tnye,"dira nk bwk ke?"
for sure i took the chance and drive la honda tu..
*obviously aku akn drive even pnat mcm mnepun sbb terlalu gian..hikhikhik =))*
so kitorg pun went to my maklang's house and took the banana leaves...

inilah daun pisang dari umah maklang

after bukak puasa..
kakme pon memulakan projek lepat pisang die ngan ibu..
aku ngan najwa tgk je smbil mkn..
kakme lenyek2 pisang, campur ngan tepung & gula, gaul smpi sebati, bungkus dlm daun pisang, pastu kukus dlm kukusan ibu..
*this was from my observation...disebabkn kurg pengalaman memasak, aku pun xsure if i had used the correct term..sorry kalau slh!!~~*

ibu yg sedang membungkus adunan di dalam daun pisang maklang

lepat pisang dikukus dalam kukusan ibu

after kukus in about 15 minutes, lepat kakme pun siap..
sedapla jgk even pd aku cm kurang manis skit la..
kakme ckp lepat pisang kne masuk dlm fridge dlu..
ble sejuk bru sedap...
so all the lepats were put into the refrigerator..
and kitorg tngula ble da sejuk nnti bru mkn...

itula kisah lepat pisang hari ni...

till then

Sunday, May 24, 2009

entry for the weekend

honestly speaking..
kakme ade kt umah ni, gemokla aku...

this weekend was quite special to me..
wee, yg bestnye..
i had my first official CRV driving..
*i know it sound childish but it was quite great for me*
takot gak at first..
dgn that car yg tinggi and quite big for 'baby driver' mcm aku ni..
xla pgi jauh sgt..
tp round jgkla 1 whole pilah yg kecik ni..
well, dr senaling *umah my wan&atok*, then g bli brg, then g carwash amik my sis' car and then home...
ade peluang bwk kete, sure nk grab pnye..
*as my abah said yesterday,"kakya tu tgh gian bwk kete tu"*
errmmm...mmg pon *hikhikhik =D*

then ble smpi umah..
my sis *yumni* & i pun memulakanla planning kitorg yg di plan kt umah wan...
masak burger...
mmg beria gler ah kitorg..
*sampai my other sis *aina* ckp,"yumni ngan dira ni bley niaga burger kt taman ni tyme cuti*
tu yg g bli brg tu..
my sis bli mcm2..
slama ni goreng daging burger mkn ngan roti gardenia ngan sos cili life je...
but then sis mmg semangat gler...
so bli la brg utk prepare burger tu..
my sis bli cheese, mayonnaise, roti burger tu and for sure, the daging burger itself...
smpi umah je, kitorg pon start la memasak...
kakme fried the daging and i fried the bread and prepare everything else..
*semangat gler smpi siap amik order dr kakak and najwa =))*

these are the raw materials

well, kitorg prepare 4 je la sbb ajim xblik tuition lg and my mom doesn't want..nnti klau die nak...buatla utk die kemudian.. =D

at the end...


these were the end product..
*siap label masing2 pnye ag*
which were already been digested in our gastrointestinal tract..
*rindu that word..da lme xgne*

so obviously...
sepanjang kakme cuti which is smpi mid-june..
blog ni akn pnuh dgn cite mknn je...
*kakme siap da plan ape nk msk for tomorrow...story esk la ye..*
that's it..

till then

Saturday, May 23, 2009

decision decided!!

at last...

after consulting my sis..
we pick hamsters to be taken into our care...yay!!!
*wpun kakme at first xmau sbb kencing die busuk*

well...ape2pun ade kekurangan kan..
so..knela pndi2 jge supaye die xbusuk... =D
*kakme siap pesan lagi jgn bg hamster tu mkn kuaci..die suruh bg mkn timun so that kencing die xbusuk...well let's try then*

last thursday,
*dgn pnuh rse excited*
my mom, najwa & i pun pgila pet shop kegemaran ibu kt pilah tu...
ade dua ekor hamster kt situ tp cm xadorable sgt..
so kitorg pun order la yg bru...
sepasang hamster jenis winter snow
*deeba, mcm yg ko suruh..nnti aku consult ko klau ade pape k!! ;D*
nnti june bru stock hamster br smpi..
so in early june tu..
*pet shop owner tu ckp dlm 2nd of june*
i will have new members in my life..yay!!~~

disebabkn terlalu teruja...
tyme g melaka to get my sis yumni yesterday,
kitorg g pet shop kt melaka yg kakme xske tu..
well, kakme xske sbb kdai tu busuk and letak sblh kedai roti
*obviously busuk...nama pun pet shop kan =D*
to make it even worse, kakme ske bli roti kt situ..

but that's not the important thing..
yg bestnye...
kitorg da bli cage smlm...
*seronok sgt!!*
colour orange lagi..

front view

above view
*inilah cage utk hamster baru ku~~ =D*

and disebabkan azeezie
*<3<3* ckp cari yg byk permainan kt dlm..
so cage yg kitorg bli tu ade la die pnye wheel, umah kecik at the side & a slide..
*okla tu ek b...nnti kite tmbh lgla item die*
plus...kitorg siap bli wood shaving lgi...
*seronok seronok seronok*

sekarang tinggal nk tngu hamster smpi je...
i just can't wait for that!!

till then

my very first trial =D


da 3 hari xpost pape..
so hari ni ade smthing yg i rse best nk write dlm blog ku ini..hikhikhik.. =D

actually, there's nothing much...
for the first time, my sis and i cook today..

*ayam masak merah and mixed telur dadar*

tataula nape semangat semcm weekend ni..
maybe sbb both my sis *aina & yumni* balik yesterday kot..

so ble my sis blik dari sending my bro for tuition kt sban,
my sis *yumni* and i pun start la msk..
my mom da prepare everything from the morning..
*should i say the raw materials =)*

most of it my sis buatla..
tp i merasa la masak sndiri for the first time..
and my other sis *aina* ckp the food
okla for first timer..
well..that should be good enough for me..

so..these are what we do from 12.30 until 1.30..

the ayam which we fried first
*"deep fry," i told my sis*

the raw materials for the ayam masak merah

the mixed telur dadar before it was fried

ayam masak merah and mixed telur dadar
*at last..YAY!!~~*

that's what makes my life worthwhile today..
the thing that makes it more wonderful is that everybody happily eat the food my sis & i had prepared
*especially najwa*
and i guess i should do things like this more often..
*i hope so =D*

till then

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

complete at last

at last...

i've completed my House MD collection..
five complete seasons for me to watch and to learn from them

thanks to my friends who helped me
  • sarinah
  • ainaa
  • taranjit
  • faidhi

u guys had made my dream come true..

till then

Monday, May 18, 2009

help me choose...

last sunday...
i went to rembau with my mom, najwa, my uwan & atok...
the main purpose actually is my uwan wanted to refill her meds...
fine then....

after that, kitorg dropped by umah my aunt
*my mom's lil sis*..
kt sane, my cousins athilia & dalila bwk aku ngan najwa g blakang umah diorg..
and show us their rabbit..
*omg...comel sgt..bersih and white...i just love them*
so, kitorg pon men2 la ngan rabbit tuh..
satu nama die bit bit, another one i cannot remember...
but they are just pure adorable..

one of the rabbits & me

the adorables

as i duk sorg2 kt umah..
i was thinking if ade pet, xdela bosan sgt...
bak kata
"bru 15 days holiday, da tatau nk wat pe da"
so, rse mcm nk adopt an animal..
*but surely not cat cause i am terribly allergic to them*

after discuss with my lil sis
ade a few options that i am currently stuck with...

first : A Fish

my mom agree with this one since die ade aquarium kecil yg xdigunakan..


plus, my mom xske animal yg berbulu ni...
so fish was the best idea for her..
tp najwa xnk fish...
she said fish we cant really hold them..
so there will be no strings attached between kite and the fish...

second :
A Hamster

this was idea najwa...

she said that keeping a hamster would be better since kite bley berinteraksi ngan die..
btol jgk ape najwa ckp..
and plus hamster xperlu nk tukar air slalu..
*xpyh air pun sbb die bkn ikan yg tinggal dlm air*
but still..cage kene kemaskan slalu..
or else berbaula satu rumah..

itula pilihannye...
so skrang i am torn in between..
tatau nk pilih yg mne....

hehehe... =D

till then

remember me?


well that question is not to be answered actually...
but it is the title of the latest novel i had read..

it is a novel by sophie kinsella which i bought last saturday when my dad and i sent my lil bro for tuition..

what would i say bout it...
it was a novel..
*omg..of course it is!!~~*
what attracted me was the storyline which touched a lil bit on amnesia..
*a retrogade amnesia (for god sake, i havent heard it before)*

a girl named lexi smart lost three years of memories of her life after a mva...
she woke up from it realising it 2007 and she only remembered what happened in 2004 and the previous years...
what's interesting was that she woke up finding herself extremely different and in a life everybody would die for..

when she woke up, she's

*in the sense that she used louis vuitton handbag something that she can only dream of 3 years ago*

extremely beautiful
*she's thin, all-straight and sleek chestnut hair and perfect pearly-white teeth (she was called snaggletooth before)*

*to a gorgeous, loving multimillionaire husband*

it was a total shock as she cannot remember anything that happened for the particular previous three years...
*not even her wedding*

but there's a price to pay for everything..
lexi started to realise wrong things one after another...

on a whole, it was a nice story..
not really nice as compared to the da vinci code..
but it was good enough for just-for-fun reading...

till then

Sunday, May 17, 2009

as we look back.............

salam and hye everyone....

i wonder why i wrote this post at the middle of the night...
i was actually talking to myself about what had i gone through this year..
*particularly since i entered medical school*

life as a medical student had been hard and challenging...
*very hard i would say*
with all the subjects to be learned..
and in a very short time!!
but alhamdulillah..
Allah had guided me through the way...
*and i won't be having my long holiday without Him*

the first semester was really a test..
first time entering university..
everything had to be done on our own...
*life was not that hard as i had been staying in hostel since 12 =D*
study was hard..
every single thing we have to catch up by ourselves..
the first time i had my end of semester exam...
it teaches me a lot...

last semester exam was a hard one..
*harder compared to the first semester*
all the four modules were tough enough...
added up with the medicine&society module...
i was a lucky star for making it through..
thank you Allah for helping me..

before i turn off for the night...
this is actually a song given to me by my best friend,
Nur Zarifah Zainal Abidin

Stay The Same

Don't you ever wish you were someone else,
You were meant to be the way you are exactly.
Don't you ever say you don't like the way you are.
When you learn to love yourself, you're better off by far.
And I hope you always stay the same,
cuz there's nothin' 'bout you I would change.

I think that you could be whatever you wanted to be
If you could realize, all the dreams you have inside.
Don't be afraid if you've got something to say,
Just open up your heart and let it show you the way.

Believe in yourself.
Reach down inside.
The love you find will set you free.
Believe in yourself, you will come alive.
Have faith in what you do.
You'll make it through.

that's all i think for now...

till then

what a day....

hye lagi...
xbley tdola...i wonder why...
so, utk memupuk rse mengantuk...marila kte memosting lg..
*as if it can nurture sleepiness..hukhukhuk*

other than teacher's day, it was quite a day to me too..
some things happened..
*for sure la kan since a lot of things happen in 24hours..*

nway...nk tulis jgk...

the greatest thing yg i da buat today is.....
mengemas segala jenis habuk yg ade blakang meja pc...mmg byk gile..for god sake...patutla selama ni aku bersin2 gaya ape je ble online..

da siap kemas, g melaka, visit kakme, blah blah blah.....

then blikla pilah terchinta ni smula....

nothing much during the day...

tatkala malam melabuhkan tirainye...
*hukhukhuk (tarbatuk2 kerana terlalu bersastera)*

first of all, man u menang eventhough seri je ngan arsenal..
*tahniah la ye najwa*
seriously, ingatkn menang besar 3-1...
rpe2nye seri je...0-0
tp xpe...
yg penting piala...
*kuikuikui..poyola aku ni...bkn tau pape sgt pun sal bola*
ajim ngan hafiz majezan(kawan aka obses liverpool) lek la ek...
tahun depan ade ag...

secondly, hafiz menang AF...
da agak da...
tp patut akim dpt no 2 tuh..
*in my opinion la*

aku rse aku ni byk merepek je la....

dahla nadhira...
g tdo...

till then

selamat hari cikgoo!!~~~ =D

hye sume...

wpun da pass 12..
but still nk post gak...


ths wish goes to every single cikgu yg ade kt atas bumi yg indah ini..

special wish to:

me mom

*even die xpenah ajar aku sure kt rumah, i do learn A LOT things from her...=)*

mr amin

*my greatest ever debate teacher...u do transform me into someone*

miss ann

*my teacher in 2ndary school yg taught me a lot of things from english to leadership...*

the list will keep going on and on and on and on if i were to list every teacher in my life..
theachers sure are the greatest and the most honourable job and this wide world..
and i am really thankful for being able to learn from a teacher no matter who they are..

till then

Friday, May 15, 2009

love it <3<3<3


i develop a new crush i guess.. is towards country music!!!???
*god knows why*
but seriously, i just love taylor swift and her music and her songs and her face...
she's just awesome, gorgeous and nice i would say...

well, her latest music video does catch my attention..
at first, i xdela ske sgt the song..
but after seeing the music video..
the song tbe2 jd nice..
*i pun xtau how this happen.. =D*

actually the video doesn't seems to be special or anything..
tp it is a total cuteness
*btol ke english aku nih??*

taylor mmg lawa gler..
plus lucas till yg comel tuh..
and that bad taylor in the video is a total makeover..
*i love her blond rather than that bad taylor!!~~*
that video is totally adorable and awesome particularly after love story..
i think i lost words to describe more..
just watch!!~~

p/s:thanks najwa for showing me this first!!!*najwa sure had helped me alot!!*

till then

Thursday, May 14, 2009

hols.. =D

result da kuar, so ade masa yg sgt pnjg kt umah ni n to be honest, xtau nk buat ape...
itu yg develop hobi bru ni..ntahla..terikut2 ngan adik kt umah ni.. :P
*sori najwa,never meant to blame you*

nothing to do at home actually..
first for sure tv kan..
nasib baik ade zati & si mawas..
adela jgk bnde nk tgk kt tv after merah putih..
those stories are nice actually, in a sense that they are light and funny plus a bit stupid honestly.. =D
but otherwise, they are ok to me..

after tv, there are also kain to be served..
i mean to be
washed *by the machine obviously*
hung *by me*
folded *by me also*
*adik bukan nk tolong pun..huh!! :O*
but that's ok cause bkn buat pape sgt pun kt umah..
after all, it is a lady's work i guess...

then, there's facebook..
my fren when i'm alone kt umah..
adela jgk medium berhubung selain ym..

mcm2 lg buat kt umah..
yg plg best skali...
aku dpt gak lesen akhirnye wpun da lmbt 2 tahun..
*2nd tyme plak tu..memalukan btul*
tp xpe...
better late then never...
*tertawa riang hati*

cukupla tu..
nnti2 la pulak...

till then

~~first tyme


ermmm lagi
ni first tyme ade blog...
actually da ade dlu tp ntah pape2 ntah..
so ths one blog bru plus azam bru...

sbnrnye cm da lme da teringin nk ade blog..
tgk org len blogging cm best je..
my lil sis pon ade blog sndr..
*aku mmg ketinggalan sket bab2 teknologi nih*

tp aku mcm xpndi sgtla nk ngomel2 dlm blog nih..
hopefully azam utk mengekalkan blog ni kekal la..

aku da start merepek da nih
dahla tu

till then