Sunday, May 17, 2009

selamat hari cikgoo!!~~~ =D

hye sume...

wpun da pass 12..
but still nk post gak...


ths wish goes to every single cikgu yg ade kt atas bumi yg indah ini..

special wish to:

me mom

*even die xpenah ajar aku sure kt rumah, i do learn A LOT things from her...=)*

mr amin

*my greatest ever debate teacher...u do transform me into someone*

miss ann

*my teacher in 2ndary school yg taught me a lot of things from english to leadership...*

the list will keep going on and on and on and on if i were to list every teacher in my life..
theachers sure are the greatest and the most honourable job and this wide world..
and i am really thankful for being able to learn from a teacher no matter who they are..

till then

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