Monday, May 18, 2009

remember me?


well that question is not to be answered actually...
but it is the title of the latest novel i had read..

it is a novel by sophie kinsella which i bought last saturday when my dad and i sent my lil bro for tuition..

what would i say bout it...
it was a novel..
*omg..of course it is!!~~*
what attracted me was the storyline which touched a lil bit on amnesia..
*a retrogade amnesia (for god sake, i havent heard it before)*

a girl named lexi smart lost three years of memories of her life after a mva...
she woke up from it realising it 2007 and she only remembered what happened in 2004 and the previous years...
what's interesting was that she woke up finding herself extremely different and in a life everybody would die for..

when she woke up, she's

*in the sense that she used louis vuitton handbag something that she can only dream of 3 years ago*

extremely beautiful
*she's thin, all-straight and sleek chestnut hair and perfect pearly-white teeth (she was called snaggletooth before)*

*to a gorgeous, loving multimillionaire husband*

it was a total shock as she cannot remember anything that happened for the particular previous three years...
*not even her wedding*

but there's a price to pay for everything..
lexi started to realise wrong things one after another...

on a whole, it was a nice story..
not really nice as compared to the da vinci code..
but it was good enough for just-for-fun reading...

till then


aisyahira said...

hey girl!
haven't heard anything bout u for a long time..
how r u?
remember me?hehe
baru je last week ingat nak beli buku tu kat popular..

dhirakamat said...

sure sihat..
iera ktne??sihat??

aisyahira said...

skarang holiday, kat rumah la..
tp study kat upm,serdang
chemcical engineering..
sama dgn dell
i'm fine je, sihat sngt2.hehe
dhira bakal pak tabib kan??

dhirakamat said...

call me whatever u like..
jgn bomoh ilmu itam dahla..