Thursday, May 14, 2009

hols.. =D

result da kuar, so ade masa yg sgt pnjg kt umah ni n to be honest, xtau nk buat ape...
itu yg develop hobi bru ni..ntahla..terikut2 ngan adik kt umah ni.. :P
*sori najwa,never meant to blame you*

nothing to do at home actually..
first for sure tv kan..
nasib baik ade zati & si mawas..
adela jgk bnde nk tgk kt tv after merah putih..
those stories are nice actually, in a sense that they are light and funny plus a bit stupid honestly.. =D
but otherwise, they are ok to me..

after tv, there are also kain to be served..
i mean to be
washed *by the machine obviously*
hung *by me*
folded *by me also*
*adik bukan nk tolong pun..huh!! :O*
but that's ok cause bkn buat pape sgt pun kt umah..
after all, it is a lady's work i guess...

then, there's facebook..
my fren when i'm alone kt umah..
adela jgk medium berhubung selain ym..

mcm2 lg buat kt umah..
yg plg best skali...
aku dpt gak lesen akhirnye wpun da lmbt 2 tahun..
*2nd tyme plak tu..memalukan btul*
tp xpe...
better late then never...
*tertawa riang hati*

cukupla tu..
nnti2 la pulak...

till then

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