Friday, May 15, 2009

love it <3<3<3


i develop a new crush i guess.. is towards country music!!!???
*god knows why*
but seriously, i just love taylor swift and her music and her songs and her face...
she's just awesome, gorgeous and nice i would say...

well, her latest music video does catch my attention..
at first, i xdela ske sgt the song..
but after seeing the music video..
the song tbe2 jd nice..
*i pun xtau how this happen.. =D*

actually the video doesn't seems to be special or anything..
tp it is a total cuteness
*btol ke english aku nih??*

taylor mmg lawa gler..
plus lucas till yg comel tuh..
and that bad taylor in the video is a total makeover..
*i love her blond rather than that bad taylor!!~~*
that video is totally adorable and awesome particularly after love story..
i think i lost words to describe more..
just watch!!~~

p/s:thanks najwa for showing me this first!!!*najwa sure had helped me alot!!*

till then

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