Saturday, May 23, 2009

my very first trial =D


da 3 hari xpost pape..
so hari ni ade smthing yg i rse best nk write dlm blog ku ini..hikhikhik.. =D

actually, there's nothing much...
for the first time, my sis and i cook today..

*ayam masak merah and mixed telur dadar*

tataula nape semangat semcm weekend ni..
maybe sbb both my sis *aina & yumni* balik yesterday kot..

so ble my sis blik dari sending my bro for tuition kt sban,
my sis *yumni* and i pun start la msk..
my mom da prepare everything from the morning..
*should i say the raw materials =)*

most of it my sis buatla..
tp i merasa la masak sndiri for the first time..
and my other sis *aina* ckp the food
okla for first timer..
well..that should be good enough for me..

so..these are what we do from 12.30 until 1.30..

the ayam which we fried first
*"deep fry," i told my sis*

the raw materials for the ayam masak merah

the mixed telur dadar before it was fried

ayam masak merah and mixed telur dadar
*at last..YAY!!~~*

that's what makes my life worthwhile today..
the thing that makes it more wonderful is that everybody happily eat the food my sis & i had prepared
*especially najwa*
and i guess i should do things like this more often..
*i hope so =D*

till then


| maryamhadi | said...

ayam 2 nmpk yummyyy..congratz!t'ingt dlu2 nk siang ayam pn terkial2..=p

nadhira khairudin said...

thanks~~ =D

maryuuza said...

tak sgka kwn ku ni ade bkat memasak

prektis yek...

nadhira khairudin said...

baikla madhi!!~~