Thursday, May 28, 2009

a gloomy day it will be today


sorry for that very negative statement..
but seriously, i do think it will be..
and for a quite stupid reason..
*man u lost 2-0 to barca last nite... =(*

before ths,
i am not the kind of person who cares so much on football..
but since cuti yg da almost a month ni..
i kinda indulge myself in it..
*especially dgn ade adik yg sorg obsessed with man u & sorg ag obsessed with gerrard..*

so, last nite
*as everybody knows, i guess*
man u and barcelona met in rome for champions league final..
those two are very splendid teams..
one with ronaldo and the other with messi
*almost everyday before ths, every paper mesti ade pictures of these two guys..*
but obviously, man u must be lacking of something i dont know last nite..
because barca won quite comfortly *2-0*
but that was not the thing that ultimately will make today a gloomy..
the important thing is that the condition of my sister...
she will be the one who will make today a gloomy day
*particularly due to post-man u lost*

i didn't know why,
very early this morning *4.50 am i think*, i woke up..
maybe due to the coldness in the room..
but seriously, i am the type of person who seldom woke up very early in the morning despite any reason...
*but this morning was an exception*

i went out of bed and out of the room..
i at once remember yg najwa will be awake as well..
*sbb die mmg xpnah miss out even one man u matches, what more this important game where there will be trophy to be won at the end..*
so, there's light in the family room *obviously from the tv*
as i walked towards the family room, najwa da bgn n the game seemed to end already..
she came up to me and just said, "manchester kalah"..
at that tyme i realised, she was crying...
i said, "dah2, meh sini.."
i pulled her towards me and patted the back of her shoulder softly....

i knew that she always cry everytime man u lost an important game but i never saw before this..
and i also knew that she will ngadu to my eldest sis *aina* whenever she's sad...
*but she was not here*
this morning, it felt like it was my responsibility to calm her down..
pastu, she went back to bed and i selimut her with her favourite selimut dinosaur...
and i pon went to bed again and i woke up once more realising that she's getting ready to go to school...
*i hope school will cheer her up cause she'd always love school and friends..*

to najwa,
relaxla ek...
there will be next year for man u to win that cup!!~~
chill aja!!~~

till then


maryam said...

lorhh mnat bola ke?
da only match i'll watch is final wold cup..haha
mse france vs italy dlu,zidane tanduk sape tah?
classical moments..


nadhira khairudin said...

xdela minat sgt pun....
tp da sume org kt umah ni lyn bola...
knela join skali.. =D

najwa turner said...

ngahaha, sediyhh wok! :'(