Saturday, June 20, 2009

entry buat A.B.A.H

first & foremost
sorry bah, sbb entry ni terawal 1 hari...

to my beloved abah,

Mr Ahmad Khairudin Wahab


i know that abah wont read ths entry
but nevertheless...
this entry will be fully dedicated to ths special man in my life =D

at ths tyme of the year...
there are a lot of things to be said to our dads..
but when it comes to the part of saying them out loud,
words eventually failed us all...

i wrote ths in the past week
i found it so hard as u are a man that no word can describe
come what may abah, i'll try to put them in words...

abah ingat lg x tyme dira mule2 masuk shah pekan dlu...
u cried when u saw me crying..
tp abah blik jgk sbb abah tau tindakan abah anta dira situ btul
ape yg abah buat had made me who i am today

abah ingat lg x tyme pertama kali abah tgk dira debate...
debate uiam wktu tu, lawan saser...
wpun abah kdg2 keberatan ble dira ckp dira kne g debate kt mne2..
tp that day dira happy tgk muka abah...
dira rse berbaloi sume effort yg dira letak utk debate tu even xsebyk mne..
kakme ckp abah bangga sgt...
dira lg bangga sbb buat abah bangga

abah ingat lg x hari result spm dira kuar...
kte mmg da plan nk g pekan amik result dira sme2 tp last2 dira g ngan ibu ngan bdak2 ni je..
abah ade hal, tp ibu ckp abah nervous sbnrnye ngan result tu...
half way nk smpi pekan, abah call dira...
rpe2nye abah da call skolah dlu, abah da tau da result dira...
abah nangis, tp dira happy sbb abah nangis gembira dgn result dira..

abah ingat lg x tyme abah xbg dira pg jepun..
dira mrh2, rse mcm xnk ckp ngan abah lg..
tp abah nasihat dira elok2..
abah ingatkn dira ape sbnrnye yg ade dlm hati dira..
ape sebenarnye impian hidup dira...
u guide me to the right path..

abah ingat lg x tyme g register kt ukm..
abah bangga smpi abah nk tman dira register...
tp xbley sbb student je yg bley masuk..
lpas register dira perasan abah bli keychain ukm utk letak kunci kereta abah, dira happy
ble da pindah ukm kl, hari pertama after orientation abah da dtg..
bwk dira dinner kt restoran nelayan...
dira happy lg...
dira janji dira blaja rajin2, jd doktor yg baik demi abah....

mungkin ape yg dira buat slama ni terlalu kecil utk bls segala ape yg abah da buat utk dira..
tp dira syg abah and dira akan tetap syg abah smpi ble2 pun...
i love u abah
happy father's day

besides the entry
the song which is currently playing itself in my blog is also for you..
it is one of the fabulous tracks i found in Taylor's latest album Fearless
i found this song so special and meaningful
and it is 100% for my abah

The Best Day
by Taylor swift

I'm five years old, it's getting cold, I've got my big coat on
I hear your laugh and look up smiling at you and run and run
Past the pumpkin patch and the tractor rides, look now, the sky is gold
I hug your legs and fall asleep on the way home

I don't know why all the trees change in the fall
But I know you're not scared of anything at all
Don't know if Snow White's house is near or far away
But I know that I had the best day with you today

I'm thirteen now and don't know how my friends could be so mean
I come crying and you hold me tight and grab the keys
And you drive and drive until we've found a town far enough away
And we talk and window-shop till I've forgotten all their names

I don't know who I'm gonna talk to now at school
But I know I'm laughing on the car ride home with you
Don't know how long it's gonna take to feel okay
But I know I had the best day with you today

I have an excellent father, his strength is making me stronger
God smiles on my little brother, inside and out, he's better than I am
I grew up in a pretty house and I had space to run
And I had the best days with you

There is a video I found from back when I was three
You set up a paint set in the kitchen and you're talking to me
It's the age of princesses and pirate ships and the seven dwarfs
And daddy's smart and you're the prettiest lady in the whole wide world

Now I know why all the trees change in the fall
And you were on my side even when I was wrong
And I love you for giving me your eyes
For staying back and watching me shine
And I didn't know if you knew, so I'm taking this chance to say
That I had the best day with you today

till then

p/s: i do have had a lot of 'Best Days' with u and i am looking forward with more of that in the coming future...


MyOwNwOrLd said...

a very touching post dear..
ur father must be very proud of u
u'r such a good daughter



siti yumni said...

gud job sis...
entry yg terbaek smpi aku sebak je..
ape2 pun lagi terbaek sbb ade name saye =D

nadhira khairudin said...

shyra : thanks...da lme xpost cm terfeeling lbey skit... =D

kakme : thanks for reading..abah is the best!!~~kakme pon best gak...tngula..mne tau nnti ade sister's wat entry utk ko ngan kakak =D

maryam said...

dhira,sweetny post ni :')
thary mmbcenye,as if i'm your abah..hu2.
great jobbb dear

maryam said...

*thary=terharu. ^^

n A j w A e said...

very sweet =)

nadhira khairudin said...

thanks everyone... =)

oryza sativa said...

so meaningful n touching... :-)
hepi father's day to ur dad..

~aku dpt ilham tulis entry hari bapa lps baca blog ko. tQ 4 ur comment.

nadhira khairudin said...

sure problem..=D

beLLe said...

belle farhana likes this :)