Thursday, June 11, 2009

i am HOME~~~

hye everyone...
saya suda pulan
*home sweet

it was fun dpt g jln2 with family..
since adik ngan ajim both have big exams this year..
mmg da lme x g jln
but yesterday and today was fun!!~~
*but tired a bit la... =D*

g kl for sure ade shopping here and there kan..
tp xdela bli ape2 sg
t pun...
at first went to pav
pegi byk shops tp xde yg menarik minat sgtla..
at last masuk zara
and i found somethi
so just bought 1 bju labuh ala2 ibu that i just can't get my eyes off it..
later pegi topshop kat lo
t 10..
*sbb topshop kt pavilio
n xde bnde..*
ade byk gle boyfriend shirt yg super nice!!~
at last i bought 1 boyfriend shirt topshop yg s
gt dicari2 slama ini..
*thanks aba

that's shopping..
last night, ble pavilion da tutup..
we all g tgk movie...separately

adik with kakak~~tgk ...

17 Again

*diorg ckp kelakar a
nd zac efron super cute!!~~*

kakme with man~~tgk...

ster vs Aliens

*version kakme ngantuk2...ape2la~~~*

ajim, azeezie and me~~tgk...

Angels & Demons

*best gle2 cite tu...5 stars cause i myself terbyg2 b4 tdo everything that happened in the movie*

at first actually nk tgk night at the museum 2
evening tu tyme bli ticket, seat yg tinggal cuma the first and second rows from the front je..
so tgkla movie ni...
mmg best sgt2la..
tom hanks was a total brilliance..
seems like everything yg happened in the vatican city tu mcm real sgt...
christianity vs science
mmg awesome...totally awesome

*a total 5 stars*

kalau ade org ajak tgk 2nd tyme pun..
i surely akan pgi tgk lg...

the book was awesome... and so was the movie!!~~

lastly before blik pilah tgh hari td..
my mom, my sisters and me went to klcc..
and bought something special for my dad..
in conjunction with father's day the upcoming sunday

*sorila bah, terawal 1 mggu =D...nanti dira wat entry father's day ye...*

so, that's my 2 days holiday...
nnti pas ajim da settle spm,
g jln2 ag...

mmg i really enjoy holiday with my family
*eventhough i always had to sleep on the couch!~~*

till then

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siti yumni said...

yehh! zac efron is soo soo super duper cute :)