Tuesday, June 2, 2009

must watch!!

this last half of 2009 i believe has a lot to offer...
*in the sense of entertainment particularly movies*

as for me,
there will be three must watch movies in theatre..

first will be

Transformers : Revenge of The Fallen

this movie which will be released in mid June is a must-watch for everyone i guess..
*even my lil cousin aiman can't wait for this one..*
starring Shia LaBeouf, i believe it will be even better than the first one..
since i am still in my holiday when this movie is released..
i guess i will go with najwa to watch this one.. =D

the second one is

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

this on
*OMG* will be the most anticipated movie for me this year..
i was so devastated last year when they postponed it..
*please please please dont do it again this tyme...*

starring my favourite trio, this one will be greater compared to the previous ones..
*i believe so because half-blood prince is my favourite book so far*
we'll learn more of who tom riddle aka voldermort really is..
and guess what...i had just started reading the book again....
*well, just can't help myself... =P*
i dont know with whom nk g tgk this one...
ngan sape2 pun bley...
but do bring tissue...i swear i will cry at the en d just like the last movie
*order of the pheonix*
i just can't stand it when someone dies...someone so important in the story...errmmmm...

the third one will be

New Moon

this sequel of twilight sure will make the theatre filled with girls...
i am not really into twilight saga..but i do think the storyline is great....
starring robert pattinson and kirsten stewart, this one will shed us to tears
*i believe =D*
but for me, th storyline in twilight saga is a bit slow and not as great as harry potter..
*this is my opinion and i hope no one hurts =D..*


till then


maryam said...

da tgk lom trailer new moon?
amazingg :')
mereka sume nmpk mature
love jacobs short hair

mari2 ke cinema

nadhira said...

da tgk all the three trailers...
all of them are AWESOME!!~~

especially harry potter
*my favourite!!*

MyOwNwOrLd said...


we are soooo waiting for the 3 same movies!!!!!
sangatlah tidak sabar~~~

mari tengok bersama-sama


n A j w A e said...

marilah countdown same2
HP+twilight~~ ^^