Saturday, June 13, 2009

a picture means a thousand words

this entry is filled with pictures of me, family & friends
i searched and collected as many pictures as i could and put them here
i dont think words could do me now
these are just a small portion of what my 19 years of living had been

some of my childhood pictures

i love being small
if only i could turn back the time,
this will be where i wish i could go back =D

primary school
[sekolah kebangsaan kuala pilah]
*the only picture i have =(*

i dont really have pictures in primary school
but memories still bloom in me

secondary school :: lower form
[sekolah sains sultan haji ahmad shah pekan]

secondary school :: upper form
[sekolah sains sultan haji ahmad shah pekan]

secondary school is fun!!~~
i learned lots of things during my school days
friendship is the most prized among all

english & japanese intensive course
[japanese associate degree]

this was what i do after my SPM
at that times, i do thought that i can be an engineer one day
but as i think back, that is not what i really want to be
and i am happy and satisfied with the path i had chose... =D

[johore matriculation college]

i spent a year here..
and for sure many things happened
i missed my roommates and friends there...

university life
[universiti kebangsaan malaysia :: medical school]

this is where i am now
i hope i will succeed in this medical school and become a good doctor in 4 years time..

at the end of doing this entry
i realise the title was the most correct one.
it is totally true


till then


MARDI MY said...

byknye gambo ukm
itu bmakna awk photophilic...

awk blaja aikido?
tak nahu pown
sy pon blaja gak
tali stil putih pastu benti tgh jln coz sy nak pinda sek..
isyk sediyh...
sonok kan guling2. masyuk~~~

nadhira said...

blaja sket2 je...

sye mmg photophilic..
sye tau mardi jge photophilic!!~~~


MARDI MY said...

ye ke??
(suda la madi..ngaku je la~~)

MyOwNwOrLd said...

dlm awk nye pic classmates during japanese course tu..yg pki orange tshirt tu syed mmber mrsm kite..

die pon amek medic kt indon


nadhira said...

kte close gakla ngan die dlu..
sbb die pn dak lompat gak kn...

what a small world~~!! =D

beLLe said...

dhira.. nk request ko upload pic kite depan dorm tu boley?

atie said...

memang dr kecik awak ni tembam eh?

nadhira khairudin said...

belle : bley nk upload kt mne??fb??

kak atie : mmg lahir trus jd mcm tu kot!!~~ =D