Thursday, June 4, 2009

saya di'tag' lg...*sudah due kali ini hari....*

this tyme kne tag ngan najwa & maryam....
*sure make my life busy...=D*

Colour your life with 4 words!
Answer these A-Z questions with 4 answers.
Then, tag as many friends as you can and see how they coloured their life with 4 lines of word/s.
Tried it now !!!

[A] 4 names people call you :
1. Nadhira *the most preferable*
2. Dhira
3. Nad
4. Kakya *OMG*

[B] 4 places you have lived :
1. Kuala Pilah, N9
2. Kuala Pilah, N9
3. Kuala Pilah, N9
4. Kuala Pilah, N9
*xpenah bosan even da 19 taun duk pilah ni... =D*

[C] 4 jobs you have had in your life :
1. Daughter
2. Sister
3. Student
4. Can't think of any....
*if all those are considered career....*

[D] 4 movies you could watch over and over :
1. Harry Potter
*all the 5 series including the upcoming 6th and 7th...can't wait!!!*
2. 27 Dresses *ade 10 kali da aku tgk kot...*
3. Transformers *adik & kakme ajar*
4. Zombie Kampung Pisang
*otak..otak..ntah nape ntah aku ske cite ni....*

[E] 4 TV shows you love to watch :
1. House
2. CSI
*new york, miami, u name it!!~~*
3. Harry Potter Puppet Pals.. *kt Youtube*
4. Anything sensible on AXN

[F] 4 places you have been on vacation :
1. Shopping kt KL
2. Shopping kt KL
3. Shopping kt KL
4. Shopping kt KL
*sorry...i dont like beaches...water freaks me out!!~~*

[G] 4 websites you visit daily (or semi-weekly) :
1. My Blog
2. Facebook
3. Picnik
4. Ape2 yg menarik utk diterokai....

[H] 4 of your favourite foods :
1. Big Apple Donuts!!~~
2. Nando's
3. Mars Bars
4. Sambal Puyuh Ibu

[I] 4 things you are allergic to :
1. Dust
2. Cats
*i dont mean to...but they itched me...=(*
3. itu je kot.....
4. seriously....itu sahaja

[J] 4 of your siblings names (if you have any) :
1. Aina
2. Yumni
3. Hazim
4. Najwa
*coincidently, mmg ade 4 besides me~~*

[K] 4 places you would love to travel to :
1. Makkah
2. Vienna, Austria
*dont ask me why...i dont know why...*
3. Japan....*awk, nk ikot~~~~*
4. mane lg ek??!!

[L] 4 of your pets :
i only have 2 hamsters
Futoi & Yuki

[M] 4 things you want for your birthday/Christmas this year :
1. Anything would do...
*remembering it...that's important!!~~*

[N] 4 names of your close friends :
mmm....4 je ke...????
but all my friends i considered as close friends...
so how???

[O] 4 titles of your best love song :
1. Love Story - Taylor Swift

2. I'm yours - Jason Mraz
3. Baby I'm Yours - Arctic Monkeys
4. Mad - Ne-yo

[P] 4 things that you hate the most :
*any kind of it...i just cant stand them..*

[Q] 4 things you purchased in last 44 hours :
1. Liz Clairborne bag
*ni btul2 saye pnye!!~~*
2. bkn saya yg bayar... =O

[R] 4 names of medication pills you consumed :

[S] 4 favourite subjects in school/college :
1. Biology
2. English
3. Malay
4. Japanese
*i am seriously IN LOVE with languages*

[T] 4 favourite names for a girl :
1. Nadhira
* saye ske nama saye...hikhikhik =D*

[U] 4 favourite names for a boy :
*cant think of any*

[V] 4 closest PURPLE objects :
purple??~~~jap ek...kte fkir.....
1. Baju kurung ibu yg byk
2. Penutup ink cartridge printer aku yg suda ingin dibuang
3. Encyclopaedia dlm bilik ajim
4. Braces kakme *aku paksa die nganga...*

[W] 4 superheroes/characters that you really adore :
2. Optimus Prime
3. Albus Dumbledore *=D*
4. James T. Kirk as in Star Trek
*he is SOOO HOTTT!!!!*

[X] 4 things you are wearing now :
1. Bambi tshirt
2. Jogging pants ibu
3. Hairband
4. Hairclip
*holding my fringe together..i am tired of it*

[Y] 4 words to describe yourself :
1. Total reader
*i just love books and everything in it...lalalala*
2. Big eater
3. Drama queen
*everyone forces me to put this one on the list*
4. What else??
*better ask those who knows me...*

[Z] 4 lists of your wishes :
1. Finish med school in precisely 5 years
2. Lose weight and be skinny *can i???~~~*
3. Be happy all year round... *hope so!!~~*
4. Have magical power and meet mr. harry potter
*stop daydreaming nadhira!!~~*

so, dgn rasminye saye men'tag' sesiape yg membace ini...khususnye adik saye

hikhikhik =D

till then

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