Wednesday, June 3, 2009

adik baru saya!!

at last, i da dapat my new family members...

*dua ekor hamster yg sgtla kawaii!!!*

kecik je...

dua2 muat to sit on my palm...
*so adorable.

actually, makhluk ni smpi yesterday..
tp sbbkn terlalu excited, x sempat nk buat entry s
*my sis najwa pulak yg buat entry h
amster dlu...*

even they come from species winter snow,
dua2 colour a bit dar
tp the guy from the pet shop ckp they will grow whiter as they grow..
*i cant wait for that...*
for the tyme being, i dont really mind the col

everything has to has its nam
e kan....
sblm ni da fkir byk nme da.
at last after discussing with my family members,
kitorg decide nk bg nme
yuki for snow


futoi for debab

*i like it =D*

for now,

my new pets ni mkn carrot...
one thing for sure, futoi & yuki ni
kuat gler mkn...

playful pun bley tahan jgk
mlm td before i fell asleep, still dgr
bunyi wheel pusing2...
pg td tyme bgn tdo pun da dgr da bunyi yg sme...
futoi is more active compare
d to yuki...
yuki ske rehat2 tepi bekas food tp futoi ske kacau die...

since hamster adela haiwan no
so, both of them are asleep during the day...
futoi tido terlentang...

yuki tido menyarap..
pastu xbley dgr bunyi skit...

mesti terjaga *futoi je la sbb si yuki tu tido mati kot.... =D*

*aku klau cite sal makhluk dua ekor ni....smpi esk pon bley..=D*

here are some pics..

this is during i brought them back..
*the man from the pet shop put them dlm kotak j xpe..cage die cantik...*

this is yuki
*yuki means snow in japa

this is futoi
*futoi means fat in japanese*

i feed them carrot

hamster ku yg kuat mkn

hamster ku yg kuat main


so, that's all for now...

till then

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DaruL said...

nice. doktor yg penyayang T.T