Wednesday, February 16, 2011

.in comparison.

i'm currently halfway through my final posting in third yr med school


looking backwards
comparing surgery and the previous posting which was obs & gynae
was like comparing earth and the sky above

here's a summary of my life

obs & gynae vs surgery

1. waking up in the morning

when i was in obs & gynae, i woke up every single day (weekends are omitted) at 530 am with tachycardia
*literally means your heart pumps more than it should per minute*
thinking about the ward rounds at 800 am and the cases i were supposed to present and the consequences of imperfect presentation

in surgery, i woke up at 800 am (slept after subuh prayer) with bilateral ptosis
*literally means both eyes simply cant be opened*
filled with laziness and slumped back on my bed

2. going to the wards

when i was in obs & gynae, i went to the wards every single day at 645 am with hope that my bed or beds was empty
or else, i had to prepare myself for the rounds
*particularly mental state!*

in surgery, i went to the wards at 900 am thinking of what should i do there

3. clinics

when i was in obs & gynae, thursday was my clinic day
so i had to went down to clinic, grabbed a n/c file (n/c stands for new case), called out the patients name, clerked, and presented to the registrar in the clinic
*if i was unlucky, scolding will be there for every point in the history i missed, in front of the patient :(*
if i were to stand and linger around the clinic without doing any clerking, just wait and see what my specialist would do

in surgery, i had only went to the clinic once
and i stand behind the specialist all the time, asking all the question i want in the world and not being scolded even if i couldnt answer the basic things

4. operation day

when i was in obs & gynae, monday was the operation day
so right after morning ward rounds, we will rushed to the obs & gynae operation theatre, changed clothes and went into the theatre watching whatever operation there were that particular day
if u was not around, names will taken :)

in surgery, i had never entered the operation theatre
and it's already week 4

5. at night

when i was in obs & gynae, i went to the wards every single night including sunday
well, i had to cover my beds for round the next morning
*we had round every morning and students are to present cases PERFECTLY*
if my beds were empty, then i need to find my friends whom covering two beds and both of them with patients
so that i can cover one of them
or else, we will get scolded for not presenting whereas your friends presenting two cases

in surgery, there's only study groups 3 times per week
and nothing else

6. weekends

when i was in obs & gynae, most of my oncall was on friday night
so i need to be in the labour room every friday from 700 pm till 700 am the next morning to conduct normal deliveries
or else, my logbook wouldnt be completely filled
and i'll fail my continuous assessment, hence failing my obs & gynae posting
and i would later spend the whole saturday covering all my lack of sleep
and sunday to be prepared for the next monday rounds
so, there's no chance at all for me to go back home during weekends

in surgery, it's already week 4
and i had been going home every weekends there was :)

life was totally different in comparing surgery with obs & gynae
not that i'm saying being in the surgical department is really free
but being a third yr med student in surgical posting
life could be so empty since there's not much you can do in it
*maybe i'm the one who's assuming it..or perhaps lazy.. =P*

obs & gynae might be really super hectic
but i missed it
it reminds me of what type of life i chose
being a doctor means sacrificing yourself towards the community
being with patients most of the time of your life

it's the path i chose
and i had to live it the way it should be lived =D

p/s : med school is might be scolded all the time, but it's just worth it =D


Hasan Suyat said...

Why dont u scold them back. Patutlahhh zatil slalu cakap penatt. And selalu takde kat bilik. Ward round. Cover bed. Tuh jer yg slalu dengar. Lols.

nadhira khairudin said...

hasan : tngu jd consultant la kalau nk scold back.mmg sila jd bf yg memahami ye =D