Thursday, February 24, 2011

hari yang i.n.d.a.h

was wonderful

i had double dose of "d.a.t.e.s"

one with loved one
another with tweetfolks


i havent went out with him for a year until yesterday
it felt like the first date

constantly choosing what to wear
one after another

*screw me!*

it was wonderful

i never posted my date experiences in blog before
but this one seems just nice to be shared

we ate a lot
sandwiches for breakfast
then delicious for lunch
*which was not so delicious*
then cake some more after that
then donuts

we played angry birds on iPad at Machine MidValley
*realised that his iPhone screen wasnt good enough for me =D*

we watched this

it was scary
and stupid at the same time
*not as good as khurafat i guess..just fine*

then he sent me to pavilion for my next date


this one was with my tweetfolks
i missed most of the great parts
*except the gossips*
and i managed to add my rubi collection

for review of food and stuff
please refer at .qi wen.

it was a memorable day

thanks to everyone

p/s : b, miss u already =(


CheQ PP JoY said...

hehehe...skodeng adik2 kat sini.. =p

nadhira khairudin said...

skodengla kak fifi chomel =D

adibahzakaria said...

ooo...mentang2 surgery..korg kuar time weekdays ye..haha

zatil zahidah said...

nad..mcm mane jiji boleh balikkk..

Hasan Suyat said...

zatil jeless sebab hasan tak boleh balikkk! Hahahaha =P ;)

nadhira khairudin said...

diba : ala..bkn selalu pun...hehehe

zatil : die cuti..die yg nk blik...jgn sdey zatil..paksala hasan blik =D

hasan : hasan jahat!

redbean said...

jiji tgk cite hantu? dia tutup muka x? :D