Friday, July 3, 2009

what a week~~

this week was a busy one for me...
bru tonight dpt concentrate dpn pc to post this one
trust me, it is going to be a long one..

mcm2 things yg jd..
but yet, everything passed very nicely and i felt fun despite all the tiredness..

number one


kt college,
nothing so special..
tp life turns out to be a bit quiet and lonely..
tggl sorg2 ade pro and kontra..
but so far okla...
as long as jijah tlg ketukkn pintu every morning..
*thanks jijah!! =D*

drpd kitorg 10 org yg close last year
tggl 4 org je yg stay kt dlm..
2 are at K5 and the other 3 stay at plaza RAH..
of course la sunyi...
kitorg yg berempat ni pun ditakdirkn dpt room yg jauh from one another...
da xbley g jln2 bilik org mcm dlu2..
da xde ainaa nk dtg cari mknn ke, ckp ngan felix ke, even tumpang solat kt bilik ag..
*god!!!i miss those things =(*

but still,
friendship are still friendship rite...
even da xstay at one place,
we still have our breakfast together..
aku,sarinah,jijah&geni still sit together dlm lecture hall
so as ainaa,deeba,mai&zue..
i used to think..
we will miss and care for things that are used to be in front of us but no more...
i believe it myself...

evening td mmg best
kitorg g mkn kt

Restaurant Chop & Steak
Restoran Kapal

it was my first time mkn kt sne..
cantik tmpt tu..
ade due biji kapal dlm restaurant tu yg dijadikn dapur..
*aku rsela sbb nmpk mcm ade dpaur je dlm kapal2 tu...*
kitorg g bertujuh
*mai,geni ngan aini xpat dtg..*
tp before tu kitorg sume g amik ainaa ngan dila kt K5
so lepakla bilik geni dlu..
kacau2 geni mmg hobi kitorg dri dlu2 lg..
*sorry geni!!~~*

di bilik geni

da puas kacau geni,
barula kitorg g mkn...
jln rentas plazaRAH nk g restaran tu...
deeba seperti biase..
lead the way..

smpi situ..
kitorg pun orderla masing2 pnye food...

macaroni = deeba
*sorry deeba...xsempat amik gmbr food ko...*

chicken maryland = zue

black pepper steak = nad

chicken chop = ainaa,jijah,sarinah
*ni pun xsempat nk amik gmbr...sory~~*

french fries = dila

on the way blik pun smpat lg kitorg amik gmbr...

the conclusion..

today was a good day
being with good friends made it even better

number two


as usual,
medical school have alot of extraordinary things to be learned...
i have had 9 lectures
*6 of biomedical strands, 1 of PPD & 2 of med&society*
all of them were super nice..
yg bestnye..
lecture yesterday

Principles in Control & Prevention of Diseases
by Dr. Rohaizzat

was the most awesome med&society lecture so far
*honestly, med&society mmg my least favourite*
blaja all those acts thingy...
well, that's not me!!

but yesterday pnye lecture mmg terbaek wei!!
ntahla nape..
tp dr. tu mcm pndi amik ati student kot...
dgn all his jokes and sarcasm
i was kinda attracted to listen attentively to the lecture...
ayat die yg aku plg ske skali was,
"today u take the food,tomorrow diarrhoea already!!"
the sentence was a simple one
tgh celoteh sal vibrio cholera pnye short incubation period
tp care that dr. smpikn tu mmbuatkn aku akn tersenyum everytime i remember that phrase!!

actually, i dont expect us to have practical class as early as in week one
but nevertheless...
clinical skill learning is my favourite class..
*maybe sbb bley sarung white coat with stethoscope dlm poket kot =D*

i've learned lots of new things..
how to take proper temperature using oral thermometer
how to take blood pressure using the ultra complicated sphygmomanometer
how to do proper bandaging
etc etc etc...

sempat amik gmbr ngan ainaa je~~

that's my week
it was a very good one

till then

p/s: seronok da dpt wujudkn signature dlm blog ni..yay!!!

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