Thursday, July 16, 2009


first and foremost
sorry zerp if u read this first before i have to gut to tell you bout it

no word can describe what i am feeling right now
i am breaking my heart
and to make it worse
i am breaking the heart of a very dear friend

i dont know who i should blame
no one deserve to do that
none is to be blamed

it may be my fault
but i dont know
i just dont know

we've planned this for about a year and a half ago
when rumours tell us it was going to be released last year
but i am scared to tell u now
and to ruin all this plan
should we just let this go
and wait for deathly hallows
for what...about ages to come???
i'm sorry


kawanfreakmusizarifah said...

dear friend,
i just knew about this post when ira told me just now

one word to describe my feelings:

it's ok dear
i bet we're gonna have some fun watching HP together later on
although it's quite late for DIE HARD FANS like us
even daniel won't mind


nadhira khairudin said...

u know what zerp...
i guess mmg rezeki kte jmpe danial lmbt kot..
but nite is better i guess

cant wait!!~~