Saturday, July 18, 2009

it's MAGIC

at last
i watched it last nyte

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

although lewat dri org len
plus i heard lots of comments saying the story is boring
so kinda nervous jgk at first

i found the storyline not exactly as in the book
*for sure...impossible la kn klau total exact!!*
but it was as i had expected it to be
much better perhaps

the best scene was the scene when harry accompanied dumbledore to get the horcrux
it was AWESOME!!
and exactly as how jk rowling had written the scene in the book
*book 6, chapter 26 ~ the cave*
i was impressed
together with the way of David Yates directing the movie
it made this one different from the first five

the music arrangement

the storyline

and even all the angles taken

credits should also be given to tom felton
for an amazing act
he cried for god sake!!
he made draco someone real~~

in a nutshell
i gave this movie a full 5 stars!!
*of course i will =D*

for those who thinks it is a boring one
perhaps it is because you dont really go along with the storyline
just a suggestion here
go and read all the seven books
cause u cant understand the story by just watching the movie~~

till then


really cant wait for

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
part 1
November 19th, 2010
part 2
July 15th, 2011

it will be very sad since it is the last movie


n A j w A e said...

Totally agree with ya!
lagi2 pasal The Cave tu. =D

nadhira khairudin said...

xsngke die buat sebijik mcm dlm buku..
sbb dlm buku pun scene tu mmg has a lot of details..
they managed to capture almost everything..seronok~~

Krazee Keekoz said...

Waa!!! nk tgk jgk!
Tp duit xde.
scholar x msk lg!
Gram tol la...
Nmpknye tunggu axxo upload kat internet je la...

nadhira khairudin said...

fido: lerr...brape inggit je kot tiket wayang.g la~~

Krazee Keekoz said...

Xbley...sem ni kna buat final year projek. Beli komponent dia mhl..

MARDI MY said...

waaa 5 stars..
sy gave it 4 jek...
btw it was a great movie dowh...

p/s: ikut hati nak pi tgk lagi, ikut money tak jadi~~~

nadhira khairudin said...

fido : bagos2!!selamat berjaya dgn final year project tuh...

mardi : die hard fan madi..sure bg 5 stars sye ske cite tu..though xbyk magic sgt,but then die requires kte to think deeper..

p/s:nk g lg weekend ni kot..ngan family pulak..abh belanja..yoohooo!!!

zarifah si rakan said...

tahniah kepada mereka yang dah tengok
malang kepada mereka yang belom tengok
sedih kepada mereka yang mengutuk

the cave scene gila exactly nak sama sampaikan aku ngan ko went like "seriusly,sama kan??sama kan??"

p.s terlambat lak aku nak baca post ko yang nih and...

(damn,i'm turning 21 at that time)