Wednesday, July 15, 2009

at last~~

after 3[three] trip to GSC Pavilion


i cant even believe myself looking at those tickets
what more thinking that i'll be seeing what i've seen and waiting for since i was 11[eleven]


for me
this one comes from the greatest book of harry potter's series
*obviously all of the seven books are the greatest*
but this one is the greatest among those greatest books

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

if all these times it was Voldemort who was hunting Harry down
but in this one,
it will be like the other way round
and i think that's why i like this one the most
*obviously i like all the books the most*

whatever it is
i totally cant wait for the movie


i cant wait!!!

till then

to make it A LOT more greater, i am going to watch this movie :

with my best friend of all time, miss ZARIFAH and we are
a total Harry Potter freak!!

*u should read this one darl!!*
with my friend from school, miss ZALIKHA
with my great friends here, miss GENI, miss DEEBA, miss ZUE,
miss AZIZAH, miss SARINAH, and miss AINI

1 comment:

urfreakfriendsizarifah said...

seriusly i just can't wait to watch HP this friday~
totally gila already as my friends kat aussie dah tgk!
darn...seriusly berdebar tahap cipan!