Friday, July 31, 2009


i started to watch it from episode 3
*the first 2 were watched later via youtube*

i couldn't find suitable words to describe this drama
it is complete
with every elements required to fulfill life


~love & friendship
~mistakes & regret

the ators & actresses are awesome
each character is being brought up sincerely and with very deep feeling
i can't expect anything better than this

this is the
best malay drama ever!!!!!


till then

p/s : in love with adam =D


Krazee Keekoz said...

Aah...housemates aku pon suke tgk.
Aku xtgk pon.
tp tringin jgk nk tgk nnt
Housemates aku download sumer episod..

n A j w A e said...

ni da 3rd or 4th time awk tulis pasal cte ni kn? =D
obsessed? nope, sgt mminati ye kamu.

sy trpkse tgk thru intrnt dis time
lupe tadi ade cte ni -_-

nadhira khairudin said...

fido : j0oinla kwn ko tgk...sure xsbr nk tngu jumaat menjelang~~

najwa : ye..sgt sgt sgt meminati...tataula..slalu cm xlyn sgt malay dramas ni..but this one...
*tape..gne youtube pun kne sbr tngu ia meloading~~*

farhanasyazwani said...

ak pn suke gile cite ni.

nadhira khairudin said...

btul2 paan....
susah nk cari drama melayu mcm ni skang~~~