Saturday, November 21, 2009

a s.p.e.c.i.a.l dedication for a s.p.e.c.i.a.l friend

tbe2 ble nk turn off lappy mlm ni

2 days ago was my best buddy's birthday

*oh man!!!!!i am sooooooooooooooooooo D.E.A.D*

sorry sgt2 ye cik zarifah
i never meant to forget the day

here it is
special post for u


miss nur zarifah zainal abidin

*see....i never misspell ur name..indicating that i never ever forget u =D*

happy 20th birthday

u know
i always waited for this day
when u lose the t.e.e.n.a.g.e.r title earlier than i do
*reminder : i am STILL n.i.n.e.t.e.e.n aka 19*

whatever the age is
may life will be even happier for you
may Allah bless you and the whole year for you
and the next
and the next
and more years that follow
may our friendship lasts
may we can go and watch the remaining harry potter series together as planned since school days =D

long live Gryffindor
*xde kne mengena*
**saje nk mengarut**

happy birthday darling



zarifah efa zerpy zerp epa epal jepoh zerpoh afifah zarip said...

dear nadhira,

to be honest..when the clock turned to 12am on 19 nov 2009,the two 1st persons came to my mind were you and najwa(rakan skolah rendah)..
sumhow x kunjung tiba mesej di sms mahupun post di facebook...
bertalu2 post di facebook mengucapkan happy birthday, namun post kamu atau sms kamu masih belum kelihatan...

terus saya tertanya2..
adakah nadhira lupa terus tarikh birthdayku?
adakah nadhira terlupa hari ini ialah 19 nov 2009?
hmm...budak nih kalau dah balik rumah lupa la kot dah 19hb...


i'm so glad that u still remember~
thanks a lot for the wish my dear..
your post in this blog had totally made my day...

n yes,i'm looking forward to watch the final HP movie with you again..
n this time,i'm totally gonna cry badly sbb ramai mati..

knowing you is one of my best experience~u taught me a lot and still teaching me a lot about life~
thanks a lot for that..


nadhira khairudin said...

so touched with that speech u made
u r one of the greatest friend of mine
and will always be..

p/s : primary photo kt fb tu cake bday kamu ke???
kalau ye, cool!!!!!!!!!!!
kalau x pun cool jgk!!!

double p/s : sorry once more sbb terlupe bday u~~~ =((