Wednesday, November 11, 2009


3rd day of semester 3 examination
module of respiratory system

so far, my favourite

*tp overall kne la tngu paper urinary tomorrow sbb urinary pun ade potential jd favourite paper gak*
**tbe2 terfikir nk specialise into becoming respiratory physician or a nephrologist mcm house**
***uit....jauh lg tu wahai cik nadhira!!!~~~***

lets begin with my favourite question

describe the regime that you will choose for this patient and state the name of the drugs chosen

*pd sesiape yg tidak mengambil paper respiratory pg td dan tertanye2...well,the patient was diagnosed with tuberculosis and we had to choose appropriate treatment for her*

so far anti-tb mmg my favourite part of pharmacology
bkn sbb drug yg kne hafal tu sket
*sket lg diuretics*
tp tataula
die mcm intriguing sgt
knowing about tb
and how tb is so special that we need to administer special drugs that can only be used to treat tb and nothing else
*except rifampin yg jge boleh digunakn utk treat leprosy*
so mmg enjoy sgt2 jwb soalan ni

paper respi hari ni sgt menyeronokkan
and hopefully urinary tomorrow will be the same too
and also for medicine&society the day after

got some kidney thingy to be revised

pray for me

till then

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