Sunday, November 22, 2009


~sat nov 21st~

me and my lil sis n.a.j.w.a went to sungei wang
ade comic festival
*mcm xpercaya je aku g festival komik*
it's not that i dont read comics
but then xla addicted sgt smpi nk g festivals and stuffs
since n.a.j.w.a beria2 sgt nk pegi
then temanknla
so off we went to that comic festival

there are lots and lots and lots of comics
mmm rse mcm nk semua
but then
fkir2 blik mne yg da ade kt umah
yg tu xpyh beli dahla
but still byk jgk kitorg bli

then dpt free slingbag yg ade gmbr froggy
*froggy is one of the characters dlm lawak kampus pnye series*
my sis n.a.j.w.a bli tshirt
i had good times there
that's it bout comic festival

after comic festival
n.a.j.w.a and i went to pavilion
*plus my elder sis, a.i.n.a*

we went to watch

Walt Disney's
A Christmas Carol

starring jim carrey
*not really starring...voicing actually*
this movie was a scary one
but very meaningful

this movie was actually adapted from an old novel written by a known writer, Charles Dickens
*i've never actually read the book, but i am looking forward to =D*

the story is about a very stingy man named Ebenezer Scrooge
his business partner, Jacob Marley was dead
on christmas eve, 7 years later, the spirit of his old friend + partner visited him
his spirit was entangled in 7 heavy chains all over his body
he was a very stingy man during his life and every year after his death he will bonded to a heavy chain due to his unfulfilled responsibilities to the community
*because he was soooooooooooooooooooooooo stingy*
so the spirit of his friend came to visit him to remind him of what may happen if he died a stingy man and to tell him that every night for three nights in a row, a spirit will come visit him

the first night
mr scrooge was visited by
the spirit of the christmas past
this spirit showed him significant christmas that he had went through
how he had changed from a poor but happy young man
into a stingy but lonely old man

the second night
mr scrooge was visited by
the spirit of the present christmas
this spirit showed him what happened during that particular christmas
he visited houses of other people whom he never cared about
but still they pray of his health

the last night
mr scrooge was visited by
the spirit of christmas future
*this was the scariest spirit of all*
this spirit showed mr scrooge how would it be if he died a stingy man
and this spirit had changed mr scrooge and made him a man who value christmas more than ever

this movie was a good story
whether or not we celebrate christmas

never be stingy
we earn nothing from it

till then



mrym said...

oh ohh,rse nye dah tgk 2 cite gitu(stingy man,visited by 3 ghosts tym xmas eve) tp yg cartoon tu la yg btol2 made,exactly as told by charles dickens. yelah kartun sume leh wt...hehehe

nadhira khairudin said...

rite u r yam~~
anything's possible in cart00n!!!