Saturday, November 28, 2009

nur kasih ~ a review

alert : this post contains individual perception towards a thing and be remind that human perceptions differ among one another

let's begin

last night, the series completed and the 26th episode reached to its end

it is a very meaningful story with beautifully-captured scenes
*i believe that is the asset in all khabir's movies*
the actors and actresses really play their roles well
the storyline was nice
simple ordinary family that never escapes from Allah's tests
and eventually goes through it all with faith and courage

the movie is so good
that it became quite a phenomena in this country

there are couple of things i really like and dont really like in the movie

what i really like
  • i really like the family bonding in hj hassan's family. it is a very tightly-knitted family that every single person care for another. especially the bonding between adam and his brother.
  • i really like the way it shows how adam had really deviate from the right path at the beginning. it is clear that no matter how good a family background can be, it can never be perfect. every thing in this world has its own flaw except for Allah swt.
  • i really like aliya's family. they are filthy rich but they never judge others based on their wealth. it's hard to find that kind of rich people these days but it doesnt mean there are none
  • i really like the way the director ends the movie by showing adam managed to get his foot out of the sand and walks towards his father with his brother. for me, its touching and meaningful.

what i hate
  • i hate the way adam acts towards katrina after she had changed and returned to him. it shows how immatures adam is. i think adam should at least be grateful because i believe katrina had sacrificed tremendously for his sake.
  • i hate when nur's mother wear that "tudung siti". she is the imam's wife and she should present herself in a better way instead of wearing that kind of scarf. yet, its individual's faith.

that's what i think of the story
and it represent what i think and doesnt have anything to do with what others think of it
i've watched every episode
and i gave 4 1/2 stars for it

one last crucial point : remy is soooooooo handsome at the end of the movie when he walked towards his father
*seriously!! =D*

alert : this post contains individual perception towards a thing and be remind that human perceptions differ among one another

till then


p/s : going to watch new moon later this afternoon..i'll post in the review later....
double p/s : next after nur kasih will be aliff firdaus..having siti's song as the ost and starring beego and irma hasmie, i think i'll give it a try =D


Anonymous said...

tp kan mak nur tu pakai tudung cmtu dlm umah je. ptt nye die tak yah pkai tudung pon. kalo die kat luar, die tak pakai mcm tu kot, rasa nye la. tak ingat dah.

nadhira khairudin said...

anonymous : tp kan die pki tudung mcm tu ble g umah mak jah...kat rumah die pki serkup kepala je kn~~~~~

nur amina said...

haha.realitinye sume free epi26 ni xbest ade bnda xkna.syg tol ending xbesh