Sunday, November 8, 2009

off yesterday, today & tomorrow

just got my precious lappy back from my sis
igtkn nk biar die stay with her smpi end of exam
but then my sis have to go somewhere midweek
so here it is again
in my room
when tomorrow is such a big beginning
*such a bad timing i believe*

lots of things happened this week
when lappy wasnt around

i finished reading The Gift in the midst of blood, heart, lungs and kidneys
*refer last two post*
negeri sembilan won the malaysia cup
*soooooo proud!!~~ =D*
me and diba finished almost all hours with books, food and more books
*and more and more food*

im just excited having miss V with me again
but have to keep the excitement aside first
there are things far more "exciting" next 5 days
good luck everyone

till then


MyOwNwOrLd said...

dhira deary

g0od LucK exam!!!


hbs exam start keje,for dinner warisan mesra



nadhira khairudin said...

thanks ira..
u too...

good luck