Monday, November 30, 2009

new...isn't it??

today is the first day of the brand new semester for the current year
*note the usage of present tense here indicating the day hasnt end yet =D*
which also be the last pre-clinical semester before stepping in the clinical years
nothing much
nothing extraordinary
just a usual normal day for me

i had three feedbacks + briefings in the morning from three different lecturers
then later in the evening i had 2 anatomy lectures
these two was killing me as they were done in the evening
*lectures at two in a hot-due-to-disappearance-of-air-conditioner lecture hall are crazy*
**anatomy pulak tuh!!!!!**

i also actually officially got to know my last semester result today
*most da tau tyme cuti...probably i am the only one yg terkebelakang =((*
but nevermind that

i p.a.s.s.e.d every module
*including the one i am quite sure of failing*

but that doesnt matter right now
yg penting is this semester

basically semester 4 consists of 7 thingies to be mastered

  • gastrointestinal & hepatobiliary system
  • endocrine system
  • neuroscience
  • reproductive system
  • history taking & physical examination of the gastrointestinal system and nervous system
  • comprehensive health care
  • personal & professional development

this time
the modules in the biomedical strand are not as simple and as easy as in the 3rd semester
but being a medical students
this type of things are the things that we must never complain
and so i wont complain

hopefully in this semester i will :
  • study smarter
  • study harder
  • play lesser
*errr....i was actually wondering if the third point possible =D*

everything is possible
as long as you think it is possible

best of luck to me and to all second year ukm med students
in facing the 4th semester's challenges and obstacles

till then



shadeANDshadowARCHITECT said...

oh.awlnye da start sem..
hmm.sem ni pn sem susah bg saye.. tp smemangnye bnyk beza dgn bdk2 medik.hehe
gud luck 4 this sem!=)

nadhira khairudin said...

s&s architect : thanks...gud luck to you too!!~~ =D