Friday, October 9, 2009

ooohhhh really???

just knew yesterday
that a song from


will become one of the ost for

New Moon

*nothing shocking there because i believe Muse is the stephanie meyer's favourite artist*

*but still....Muse kot~~~*

Muse - I Belong To You

listened to the song already
not bad
not typical Muse
lgu cm rancak sket
but not THAT rancak
mcm classic pun ade gak
mcm lgu kartun sket pun ade
*kinda weird la utk movie sal vampire =D*


very bad of me

so sorry

till then

: currently holding fashion fast forward pnye 20% off g pavilion cr bag topshop yg diidamkn sejak ahd lpas tp da xde....rugi je voucher tu~~~~

double p/s
: nyesal xbeli je bag tu last sunday... *sigh*

triple p/s : xsbr nk tngu nur kasih mlm ni....dpt tgk adam...yay~~~

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