Sunday, October 11, 2009

in a m.o.n.t.h time

it's late, i know
but nevermind that
just arrived from diba's room
we studied statistics tonight
plus most of the epidemiology lectures
*thanks for your help diba*

since da stayed kinda late kt bilik die
kitorg decided nk wat schedule for the upcoming pseudo&real study week
*pseudo tu actually indicate the last week for urinary module yg obviously very empty and hence should be handled as care as possible*

so, this is how our schedule looks like

*sorry sbb pic ni kinda blur*

takut tgk jadual yg sndiri buat
ini pun still rse xcukup
byk sgt rse yg perlu kne cover

blood & lymph
cardiovascular system
respiratory system
urinary system
medicine & society

*wonder jgk why ppd xde exam*

lepas buat jadual tu ngan diba
we both count how many slot do we spend for each module
so, the total

b&l = 10 slots
cvs = 13 slots
resp = 13 slots
urinary = 11 slots
m&s = 6 slots

*every slots equal to more or less 4 hours*

to make it fair & square
kitorg take turns bilik utk study
start ngan bilik diba
then tukar2 alternately
dlm jadual tu
for each day, ade symbol heart
pink-coloured heart = diba's room
orange-coloured heart = my [nad's] room

every evening diba ajak g jln2 kt tasik
i was thinking bout that too
rather than terperap kt bilik with books and notes
we should spend some time outside
inspiring fresh air
*diba gelak bila aku gne perkataan rekreasi....lawak sgt ke diba??*

one thing for sure
we need to have enough sleep
so every night we will not sleep later than 1am
*that's the limit*

hopefully both of us can keep up with what we had planned

till then

p/s : nur kasih still xbley tggl...siap masukkn dlm jadual every friday, night session akn start kul 10 sbb both diba & me gle nur kasih =D


diba said...

haha..sape la xpk lawak..
imagine eh..jadual study..
ttibe ade slot "rekreasi"
da mcm pegi kem ape da ade slot mcm tu..:D

nadhira khairudin said...

menarik idea tu
nnti kte beli khemah
pastu berkhemah tepi tasik mlm2
bru btul rekreasi