Sunday, October 4, 2009

it's l.a.t.e, still...i'm h.e.r.e

saturday's night
it's quite late
and yet
here i am
in front of my lappy
picking on everything in my life

i was kinda sad entering this weekend
i'm scared
*to be more precise*
my lab did quite badly in med&soc research's presentation
which ultimately carries quite some carry mark towards the end of the semester
*which will b arriving in just a month time*

seems that i dont have much problem on my biomedical strand
and yet, this one *which includes facts, logic and maths* failed me
it's hard and complicated plus fastidious

dear Allah
please help your weak and needy slave
to You i beg for mercy
and from only You i will get it

i am entirely a person with a very changeable feeling
on friday evening
we had jamuan aidilfitri for our batch
there's a lot of pictures taken
but every single of them are in my facebook's page
i just dont feel like uploading them here
*with the current extremely slow internet connection, no wonder*

it's fun
and it took my focus away from what happened earlier that day during the presentation
but nevertheless
i still cried when i call my mom that night
*i am fragile*
and when it comes to family, friends and studies thingies
i become more fragile than ever
*no joking here*

i focused on studying med&soc for the upcoming mini test
i hope to compensate at least a little
i browse my playlist
and realised how far back i had been

so, i went to look for the latest songs my sister had uploaded during the hols
and currently stucked with
*teruskanlah by agnes monica*
i know this song was out ages ago
i heard it lots of time on air
but i dont know
i just stucked

i dont know why on earth i havent slept yet
*i am an early sleeper... =D*
lots of things crossed my mind this early morning
*most of them make me sad*

the most important is that
i suddenly wonder

am i in the right path??
have i made my decision correctly based on who i am??
meaning this medical school and all
can i survive this??

*lame, aint it???*

i dont know

till then


n A j w A e said...

cheer nad!!
jgn sedey2
other made mistake too..

smile !

MyOwNwOrLd said...

hey, cheer up!!
had been a tough week for me too..
my cvs punye result...huhu~~
[rase cam nk terjon bangunan je]

pape pon,

nadhira khairudin said...

najwa&ira : thanks...u're right...supposed i should learned from what hd happened~~~