Monday, October 26, 2009

my B.U.D.D.Y & me

for the very first time

i spent the night in ktdi, ukmmc
*ktdi stand for kolej tun dr ismail*
*obviously not as a clinical student, but to attend a programme designed exclusively to tighten the bo
nd among buddies in a buddy line*

our buddy line

at first
it was kinda weird ble fkir kne tumpang tdo kt bilik kakak buddy
takut kte menyusahkn di
takut die xselesa ble kte kne tdo kt bilik die

but alhamdulillah
both my third and fourth year budd
y are awesome
lucky for me and ja *my first year buddy* to ha
ve such nice sisters

from top to below

rosliza ali (first yr)
noor masita dahaban (third yr)
noor aisyah ahmad (fourth yr)

the best part of the programme was the forum after the officiating ceremony
seriously inspiring

prof dr nabishah mohamad
prof madya dr mohd sharir mohamed said
prof madya dr harlina harlizah hj siraj

*they are greater than greatest doctors and of course teachers*

i learned a lot from the forum
basically everything said throughout the forum was something basic
i believe sume org pun dah tahu tentang ape yg diperkatakn
but then
we are human
and human are born forgetful
and thus, kte perlu sentiasa diperingatkn

in the midst of the coming final examination
this kind of forum really pump up my motivation
apa sahaja yg diperkatakn by those doctors may sound amazing and impossible
but then, semuanye adalah pengalaman mereka
and if they can have those sweet memories as medical students
kenapa tidak kita??
seriously, after the forum
i realised that we are the ones who have all the right to colour our life
we may choose bright colours and have a bright happy life
or we may choose dull colours and proceed with a dull and sad life

having renewed motivation and inspiration
these two weeks will be filled with studies and books and notes
so that i can walk smiling towards the examination hall
smiling even brighter when walking out of the examination
and have my lecturers to smile of happiness and proud when marking my papers
*i WILL make my parents and lecturers proud of me*


till then


mrym said...

those 3 figures are just so awesooome kan kan kan dhira.heheh.
learnt aloot too,& goodluck!i noe u can do the smiling thru exam bit..cayala bebbb.

Ijan said...

nanti aku wat lawak b4 exam, jgn lupe gelak... ngee~~

nadhira khairudin said...

maryam : not just me..everyone also can!!~~~

ijan : aku cube gelak wpun xlawak~~~

FaDhLi said...

terubat rasa kecewa bila dgr komen2 positif ttg ambang wm35..

anyway, gdluck smart..

p/s : xsabarnya nak exam...hehe..

nadhira khairudin said...

fadhli: sye slalu rse motivational talk mcm ni sgt menarik and bley boost my own motivation..maybe xsume org rse mereka perlu diigtkn slalu..jgnla sedey..masih ade org yg support things like this..and i really enjoy staying with my buddy..kalau persiap xcome up with programme like this,ntah ble la nk merasa tdo ktdi~~ =D