Monday, October 5, 2009

i'll miss you

and up to friday
i will have to endure days alone

he need to attend BTN camp for a week before going abroad
*last night i wonder, how am i going to face a week without ringing of the phone*
but then
this will only be the beginning

i'll miss him

everytime fikir sal kwn2 yg fly g merata2 tempat
mesti rse sebak sgt

mane x nye
i was one of the first of my batch in school yg dpt tawaran study abroad
*the other one is fitri which will go abroad march next year together with my loved one*
but then
i rejected the offer
in order to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor
never did i regret my decision
but still, the pain of seeing others went to other countries to study hurts me deep inside

but i believe in one thing

Allah tidak akn mengurniakan hamba2Nya dgn sesuatu yg diinginkn oleh mereka...tetapi Dia akn menganugerahkn kita dgn ape yg terbaik utk diri kita..sesungguhnya, Dia Tuhan yang Maha Bijaksana lagi Maha Mengetahui

these days
i'd embraced the fact that this is my destiny
eventhough i didnt have the chance to study overseas like most of my friends
i believe this is the best path Allah had created for me
and i am grateful for that

p/s : it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live


s a n g a i n A said...

relaks.. kalo jodoh tak kemane hehe

shadeANDshadowARCHITECT said...

layout baru?i think the previous one is better.hehe..ade hikmah study kat tmpt snirik,mybe nti ade pluang lagi dpt future study kat luar.=)

nadhira khairudin said...

kakak : kau ckp gaya org berpengalaman...sgt hebat ckp soal jodoh skarang...kuang3~~~

s&s architect : i learned that too..really bout the previous one is better??i think that too tp mlsla nk tukar...nway, what should i properly call you instead of S&S architect???

shadeANDshadowARCHITECT said...

hmm..since we r just dont know each other,its okay for me if u keep calling me like dat.hehe=). layout sblum ni lagi nmpak a sweet life la.mybe sbb ade coklat tu kot.

nadhira khairudin said...

s&s archiatect : dahla nk tukar2..sbb nnti ilang sume blog list...hikhik...later i tukarla~~~

qama said...

sayu ak bace post i'll 100% sure u'll become 'somebody' who can simply go whereever she wants!
p/s been proud of u since u made it to read medicine!!

ali said...

i miss u too

nadhira khairudin said...

qama : dlu mmg xbley lari dr perasaan sebak each time satu per satu kwn fly..but smpi ble nk terus bermimpi and x keep up with reality...

ali : =D

siti yumni said...

this entry is the best sis!!!!!