Tuesday, April 12, 2011

- sweetindulgence -


dont ask me why i posted this in the middle of the night
the thing just popped inside my head
*even though i've taken the picture days ago*

i just wanted to talk about this

wait for it


"i have found myself a new shower cream"

laugh all you want
but this entry will be filled with me bragging about my new sweet indulgence

it all began when my sister brought home hers on friday
and i on that spot decided to get on for me

i've always thought

"marks&spencer ni mcm gap"

you go in
but rarely you will come out with anything 
the price is so not real
topshop is bearable
but gap? -nope..definitely not

bila my sister said, "ala..this bottle 500ml, rm20 something je..kalau body shop mau dekat 50"

i was thinking,betul ke
macam xlogik je
marks&spencer kot kan

so when we went to klcc last saturday
i decided to take a look
and my oh my
my sister was true

-500ml floral collection foaming shower cream/essence for myr24-

i was like terus decide nk amik

there was 6 smell you can choose from
all floral based

china blue

i automatically hooked on rose
the smell was amazing
not so strong, yet leaving a trail so irresistable
and since my mother was paying
i grabbed the deodorant too =D

i felt amazing after every shower
i really do

thank you marks&spencer

p/s : i felt weird after writing this post . should i?

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